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Frontside carving ski to support a heavy skier

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I'm a big guy at 6'5" 265lbs. My level of skiing is probably still intermediate, but i'm moving closer towards advanced this year. I have a season pass at Killington and find myself skiing steeper diamonds for most of the day, where i practice 'committing to the fall line' technique on every run.

Last year i bought my first pair of skis in 10 years - Rossi Avenger 82 Carbon 177mm (my first skis were x-scream series 187cm from early 2000). I was told that now a days I no longer need to go for a longer 185cm + ski, so after trying out 177cm Avengers on blue and a few blacks, it felt like a good enough ski for me. It was much easier to turn than some of the other skis demoed that year, such as Volkl AC30 and 50s, or even similar model Avenger 82 in Titanium version.
One day though, while at Sugarbush VT, a guy convinced to try a ski i never heard of before - a Kastle. MX88 in 178. I didn't want to take it out, but he insisted i give it a try instead of Volk AC50. A year plus later i still remember the day where it felt like I was on the best ski in my life.

At the end of this season, i find myself spending most of the time on double diamonds at Killington. My problem now is that my Avenger Carbons just slip from under me. I'm afraid of going fast or getting them on extreme edges, they don't have good hold under my weight.

Also this year I went to Utah and skied powder for the first time in my life. it was an amazing experience, one day with 22 inches of new snow at 9am, i was making my own tracks. But my Avengers turned out to be a big disappointment in so much snow and completely submerged under my weight. The next day with some recommendation I rented Mantras and was really impressed with how well they supported me. A totally different skiing experience I enjoyed so much on softer Utah snow. Mantras would float and plow through anything and most importantly they gave me amazing support. Long story short, I ended up buying a pair on sale in 184cm:D

Now here's something I didn't expect. Back at Killington, I took Mantras out on double steeps and they hold like glue on anything and everything - Ice, hard pack, crud, at extreme angles and higher speeds they just hold. I haven't slipped out yet, not once. But there's a price to pay. I can't make quick snappy turns on Mantras they way i can on my Avengers. Maybe I'm not advanced enough to bend the ski or these skis are not intended for these kind of quick turns.

Now I'm looking for another ski that is as quick as Avenger, but can also support my size. I think it has to be 70-80cm underfoot, needs to make quick snappy turns on blue slopes, and give me support on icy steeps at moderate speeds. I don't need the ski to be an all mountain type (I now have Mantra for that). But I would like a ski which can support my weight at higher speeds on steeper groomers.

Also, next year i plan to spend more time in the bumps. Avenger 82 seems fine for that purpose, no complains. But I tried mantras and can't turn them. I know it's not going to be my bump ski:-)

Any recommendations on a quick turning lively ski for a super heavy skier my size?

Would MX78 in 184cm be a good ski to complement my Mantras? I read that MX78 is a stiff yet lively ski with great support on hard pack and ice. I have a good memory of that one demo day on MX88, so i'm thinking that MX78 should be similar in feel, but a somewhat quicker ski.

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I was thinking MX78's that whole time I was reading your post.  Great ski, def a good fit for you.

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^^^ +1 on the MX78's ... don't rule out the Kastle RX either.  Only 70mm at the waist, but if you have the Mantras for other conditions, the RX is a blast! (2011 model is RX12, 2010 model is RX ... nothing different but the name.)

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