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Jackson Hole Birds and Fish - A Non-Skiing Trip Report

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Well, our ski resort closed two days ago with a bazillion inches of base on the hill, more snow falling, and some of the best skiing of the year, all because so few people want to go on destination ski trips in the spring.  I'll be hiking up to ski a whole bunch this year, but I've also started cross-country skiing out to the Snake River each day.


This is the time of year when waterfowl and migratory birds start showing up again.  The river corridor is a major draw for birds of all kinds.  Here are a few photos I've taken lately:


Trumpeter swans:




And this is the same group.  Trumpeters don't turn fully white until they reach maturity.  The two grayish ones on the right are adolescents that were born last spring.  This is probably a family group, with the two white ones being the parents and the two grayish ones being their chicks from last year:





I'm not sure, but I think these are mergansers.  If they are, they're a different species from the ones I normally see around here.  This pair was across the river and there was a lot of snow falling, so they looked pretty cold: 




A pair of Canada geese getting ready for mating season:




And of course, I can't resist fishing even though the weather has been pretty miserable for being out on a stream. I caught this 22" rainbow trout on the New Fork River in the midst of a howling snowstorm:




Skiing tomorrow.

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Dude, Mr. Peters, no one is responding to your thread... I reckon people just don't appreciate pics of ducks and geese as much as they used to.  I like that last pic though.  It looks kinda like a Brown, but is it a Rainbow?  I normally go after a different kind of brown fish, though their behavior and habitat characteristics are very similar to what you've caught.  What kind of setup is that you're using?  I like the pink accent piece.  Nice touch.  I need to slap one of those on my rig for my mom, who is right in the middle of a battle with cancer.


I see you're from Jackson Hole.  I hope you saw this thread (video). 



It must be horrible to see the lifts stop turning when there is a 100+ in base and 12" in the forecast.


Caught this pig smallmouth last weekend in New River in W. Va.


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Bob, spectacular report as always.  I made my last turns for the season today, and it's hard to think I won't get to ski again for too many months.  


I so enjoyed meeting you last month, and I'm looking forward (perhaps!) to a return trip to JH next season.  Have a fab summer!


BTW, I like your "fowl" pictures! tongue.gif

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