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Beginner-Intermed. Ski Purchase Advice

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I'm interested in getting some feedback about possibly purchasing my 1st pair of skis. I've skied a few seasons and love skiing, so I've decided to invest in some gear. I purchased my boots (Nordica Speedmachine 100W) and got them fitted at a bootfitter (thank you EpicSki community for the tips/advice!) and can't wait to use them next season.


Now, I'm torn to whether I should purchase skis for next season (most likely used/demoed/etc) or rent for another season next year. This year, I was skiing on Elan "Hot Spice" (152cm 114/70/100 12.2) and I was pretty happy with them. They were a very easy, responsive ski for me. I'm 5'7" 145lb female and am an advanced beginner - intermediate skiier. I ski on the East Coast, mainly groomed runs (greens and blues) and not a super "aggressive skiier". I ski for the pleasure, but I do want to improve and challenge myself occassionally. So my questions are:


1. Would an all-mountain ski be the best choice?

2. Length - is 152 cm good or should I go longer? They come up roughly to my chin, wondering if I should be aiming for longer? Perhaps nose? Pros/cons?

3. Stiffness and width?

4. Or should I rent next season and go to the bigger mountains for demo days and look to purchase at the end of the season in 2012.

5. How much should I realistically expect to spend on the skis?

6. Anything I'm missing? Am I focusing on certain things that are not really important and should be looking/asking different questions?


I have mainly snowboarder friends, so not too many skiiers to ask for help with this, just my own research. Any advice/experience/tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated! I'm still getting the hang of searching this site - there's so much information! :)





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A lot of rave revues for the Blizzard Viva Magnum 7.6. Wide range of skiers seem to be able to ski this because of playfulness,quick edge to edge, superb edge grip and very forgiving.76 in the waist makes it very versatile also if this will be your only ski. I ski this in the men's version and am very happy with it so far.  Up to the nose will give you something to grow into IMO. Hope this helps.  Also, great price for this much performance.

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Thanks, Dave for the advice! I'll definitely check those skis out :)





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If you haven't already, try asking the question at TheSkiDiva.com .  Plenty of expertise there about women's skis, especially for those just getting started.  Be forewarned, you may learn about more stuff you "need" than you orginally thought. smile.gif

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Ohh I haven't heard about that website! I'll definitely check it out too. Another reason to get sucked into this obsession further than I have... rolleyes.gif Love it!

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Sent you a PM, music gal.. I'm thinking of selling my Blizzard viva magnum 7.6 skis.

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