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one quiver ski

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Hi guys,



20 years old,

7-8/10, moderate/aggresive skier

180cm / 65 kg ( very light:) )

Central Europe (Slovakia) ---> all conditions throughout winter: icy, powder, and everything between, but in general mainly harder stuff

... Fritschi Freeride allready owned


I'm looking for a ski to do everything: groomers / alpine touring + off-piste  ---> 30%/70%


I've been searching for a while and found several options: K2 SideStash - wide (108), with 5/150 rocker, but heavier K2 HardSide- mid-fat (98), with 5/150 rocker, moderate weight K2 CoomBack - 102 underfoot, with 2/300 rocker, lighter, but soft (chatter on ice) Faction Alias - 102 underfoot, 5/150 rocker, +- the same weight as sidestash, don't know much about performance Fischer Watea 101 - 101 waist, with rocker, no info about weight...


and Völkl Mantra - 96 underfoot...


This is my favoutire 6 from what I've read... As you can see, I don't want lightweight sticks just to keep skins:)

I want univerzal skis with flat tails (no twintips) to perform well in every conditions in costs of higher weight and no superb abilities...

I need to know your opinions and experience with those skis or suggest other skis as better option


( to be honest, I am a student with limited budged so DPS and other premium brands I do not consider:)... 













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Welcome to Epic. The skis you mention are all designed for softer snow and backside/off-piste conditions, yet you mention in the first paragraph that you are seeking something for "harder stuff." This is confusing. If you want a good ski for Euro-hardpack, I'd think more about something in the 80 mm range that is suitable for a lighter skier. The Fischer Motive 84, Salomon Enduro, and Rossignol 82 Avenger come to mind. Or are you looking for an off-piste ski that can handle hardpack? In that case, the Dynastar Sultan 94, Fischer Watea 94, or Salomon Shogun come to mind. Next year's Blizzard Bonafide should also fit the bill. Suggest you check the various ski reviews in Gear Review section. Look for "Crazy 88's" as a starting place...

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
Or are you looking for an off-piste ski that can handle hardpack?

you got it - off piste ski that can handle hardpack... this is the definition... most time I spend alpine touring and skiing various off-piste snow conditions... this season (really short) I skied fresh powder several times and I already overpowered my short BLIZZARD Tour Elements (105x70x94mm)... So I've decided to buy something much wider and longer...


Those Blizzards Bonafide looks sweet, this is the category of K2 HardSide, isn't it? HardSide seems good all-round alternative... Any others similar? ... I saw Salomon Sentinels in shop earlier this season and I find them heavy (I will use them also as touring set up), what about shoguns (and it's twintip...)...


Thank you mate

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I tried the Alias several days after the last snowfall. It performed OK on the hard snow but was very good in the limited amount of soft snow I could find that day. It's a little wider with a little less sidecut than most of the others on your list. I think it's more of a soft snow/powder ski than an everyday ski - unless you're in the back country every day.

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Alot of the guys on here swear by the Kastle MX 88

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I really like my elan apex.  Very good in the soft snow and off piste and through the bumps.  I am 165lbs and ride the 177's.  I can ski these fast (and i ski fast) through any conditions.  I haven't found a speed limit and they rip the groomers (although they don't have much energy out of the turns if you are looking for that).  Actually they are so good in soft that I don't take my wider skis out (lhasa pows) unless more than 20cms of fresh.  Plus they have a good flex for a lighter skier and definately can be found way cheaper than the mx88.  I would like to try the mx88's though as the reviews are only positive.

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My Blizzard Ones f***ing rule!


Haw haw!

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