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On a recent trip to BC where there was a lot of powder I realized that my Rossignol Power T's were not going to handle that much snow.  I test drove a few pairs of All Mountains- I also ski in Ontario, Quebec, Vermont- all drivable distance from the farm.

I really liked the Head Great Ones, 153 cm.  They were responsive, good on groomed, off piste and in powder and mogels.  I am an all rounder- I like it all.  I am in really good shape for an old girl- been skiing since I was about 8 and have been active every season all of my life.  I am a farmer after all and have to stay in shape.  I am an advanced skier- I like to ski hard and usually leave my friends behind.  I am also the only one who goes home with some kind of injury.  this year I got a great black eye.  


I am currently faced with a fairly good deal on some 153 cm Great One's at a local ski shop- no other women around here seem interested in them  They are the 2010 model which I am told are better than the 2011.  I should get  good deal. Right now they are offering them to me for $700 tax in with bindings.  


I also test drove the Kastles of similar size with 80 cm under foot.  Harder to find and not better than the Heads.  Also did a similar style in Rossignol.


Has anyone else tested the Head?  What do you think? Are they worth it or was I just having a really really good ski day??


Farmer Coll