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Cuff alignment

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I have bow legs and a new pair of boots. I noticed that when I ski that I am riding my inside edges and not a flat ski. My skis have the blizzard IQ max binding so cants under the bindings are out. Before I have the bottoms of the boots ground ,


- should I ahve the alignment of the cuffs adjusted, this may give me enough to fix the problem??

- can I accomplish the cuff alignment myself or should I take it to the professional.?




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Methodologically a boot fitter will assess your foot and ankle and build an appropriately posted footbed, then adjust your cuff alignment (match angle to lower leg curvature) and lastly assess and adjust boot sole cant angle.  You can check cuff alignment yourself but without a properly posted footbed in shell when you assess yourself, you are missing a link in the chain.  Cuff alignment should be used to accommodate rather than correct, meaning match the angle of your lower leg with equal distance on either side of leg.  A qualified boot fitter who specializes in alignment should be able to get you right!  


good luck


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thanks, I will stop back into the boot dealer before I hit the slopes.

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