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Surface New Life Skis

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Ventured out today on not so great conditions to try the Surface New Life skis.

184 cm@16.5 TR & 151mm-122mm-151mm dims. Weight-9.8lbs.

Flat light,freezing rain and Icy conditions w/ a 20mph wind. Had the whole mountain to myself.

Firm groom and breakable crust off the the runs.

Skis carved the groom easily but I never got above 35mph because of limited vision. Very quick from edge to edge.

In the trees was a breakable crust and chopped up frozen snow from the day before.

The skis handled the conditions nicely. I could not tell any difference from a regular ski. Maybe because of my lower skill level.

Anyway they look cool and were fun to ski.


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Thanks for the review. I've been checking out these skis and have been trying to decide if I should go with a 174 or 184. I'm 5'9"-150lbs. and I plan on using these for a backcountry/powder ski in CO. I do like skiing tight trees and bumps so a 184 seems like a lot of ski for me. Any suggestions?

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Unless you're skiing powder stay away from these skis.  I purchased the 2013 Save Life skis and although I ski on hard packed Midwest snow the skis were impressive at first. After using them for 8 shifts the bases looked terrible. I left several voicemail and email messages with Surface that were never answered. When I had them tuned they had to grind the bases because they had broken down so badly. Well they made it for another 6 shifts before the bases broke down again. I called and emailed again with no response.  I mentioned it to one of the reps from the National Ski Patrol while I was ordering supplies. They put me in touch with the NSP contact for Surface. After several emails that all had to go through NSP's contact and having the skis shipped back they agreed to replace them with the 2014 Save Life skis. Instead they shipped the Green Life skis. At this point I was happy they sent anything.  I had them tuned when I had the bindings mounted. They lasted a total of 5 shifts before they were unusable. The bottom line is the base material used on the skis I had was poor quality and not meant to use on crud. If you ski nothing but powder take your chances. If you ski on anything else run don't walk away from this ski! 

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