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Pulling *nearly* stripped screws?

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As I'm sitting in the airport thinking about everything I need to do when I get home, and realize that I haven't dealt with this problem.  I've got to pull of pair of Rossi's off a plated Dynastar WC ski, but the screws are pretty close to stripped.  There's enough metal left so that if it was loose I could turn it but the screws are jammed in there and the more I try to work them out, the more stripped they're getting.  I decided I should stop trying while there's some screw left though.  Anyways, anyone got any tips?

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All the screws or just one screw? Try hitting your posi-drive with a hammer, a few sharp blows, to get the driver firmly seated on the screw head and to jar any bonding that may have gone on between the plate and the screw. Turn slowly while pushing down HARD. You can also try a little heat applied to the screw head. If there is just one screw head muckled-up take the other three screws all the way out and turn the entire binding on the ski while also turning your posi-drive.


If the screws are exposed enough, try cutting a wide strait slot for a flat head screw driver.


EZ-out is option three.


Drill the heads clean off and use pliers to pull the threaded 'stump', option 4.


Sell the skis and bindings on Gear Swap, put 'Like NEW' in the buy line, option 5.

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I was going to joke and say put them on ebay as "used only a couple of times" but you beat me to the punch!

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I'll try option 1 when I get home this weekend, then I think option 4 might be a good bet.  Unfortunately I don't want to sell these because these are the skis I'm getting warrantied by Dynastar

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Get a screw extractor set. a good one will include some left handed drill bits. ( you need a reversable drill) There will be instructions for which bit to use with each extractor. You need to drill into the center of the screw before using the extractor. The left hand drill bits sometimes will be enough to back out the screw, if not the extractor will provide enough grip to get it out.  good luck

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Ok these guys aren't coming out.  I'll go look at a screw extractor set at Lowes in a day or two.  

What would happen if I just sent them back with binding on...?  I mean I have no use for these, bought them on wicked sale and I'm not going to use for anything them as soon as I get them off these skis, so I'd probably just throw them up on gear swap.  

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Left handed spiral drill bits are the cat's pajamas for outing damaged fasteners.


Available from industrial suppliers in packs of 5 to 20,  you only need one size (#30) for just about any application involving skis.







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Old tractor tip, heat with a blowtorch to loosen those stuck rusted bolts. It is hard to apply heat (especially with a blowtorch) without affecting the ski. A soldering iron can apply heat to just the screw but usually I've messed up the philips heads too much by the time I decide to add heat. Perhaps the best way is to grind a slot in the head with a Dremel. This gets the screw hot and makes a good slot for a slotted screwdriver to get a reasonable grip. Make sure to unscrew the screw while it is still hot for the easiest release.


Screw extractors also work - but they are a lot of work. A drill press helps keep things centered and square.


Good luck,


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If you live close to sears go pick these up.


I use them in my shop all the time and have had great luck with them...
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