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Looking for recommendations for junior twin tips

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I have a 7 year old on the Mighty Mites at Squaw this year - his first year, but he is doing very well - very aggressive, form has improved a lot.  He can go down pretty much anything at Squaw except the serious chutes.  A better skier than I am, or very close.  Great program, BTW.  


He has a pair of K2 Bad Seeds, 119cm, that he is using this year that he will no doubt outgrow for next season, plus the topsheets look like they have been in a war.  He loves them - he also has a pair of Fischer RC4 Race Jr. that were a waste of money that he hardly uses - they really do not race competitively.  Anyway, I am thinking of getting him a pair of twin tips 10 cm longer, roughly, for next year now to get a big discount, but I also could wait until next fall.  


There is not much out there in terms of guidance on junior skis, other than real racers.  Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should get?  It needs to be an all-mountain, one-ski quiver ski that will work in the park, modest powder, etc etc.  I would guess they are on piste about 60%, in the park 10% (depending on the coach) and off piste in various conditions the rest of the time.  He loves the park best, but realistically it is not that much of his time on the slopes.  I spoke to a guy here in Truckee yesterday in a shop that said that the better junior skis, other than racers, are all pretty much the same - it doesn't matter much which ones you get, but he thought a longer Bad Seed would be a bit better than the rest.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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My son has the Volkl Bridge jr(yes to match Daddy) and I would recommend the because they have a wood core.If your son is more aggressive then this will give him more stability on harder snow than a foam filled ski which almost all are. I also would check with the other Epic members on this site like Starthaus and Dawgcatching to get their opinions,I am sure they would be happy to help you out.

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Thanks, Daveski7.  I will certainly check with Dawgcatching - I was in the Start Haus shop yesterday (I am up at Squaw right now) and they did not have anything much to show us, but perhaps next fall.


Volkl stopped making the Bridge Jrs. in '09.  The Gotama Jr. is wood core, but all the shops I spoke with yesterday (went to about five in Truckee) that carried them said that he was too light for the Gotama Jr. - he is little, 53 lb or so, and about 50", all muscle, but little.  They also thought it would be too stiff for the park.  I am not dismissing them yet, though.

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You're definitely going to want to look for something with a wood core. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head, besides the Jr Gotama, are the Fischer Jr Addicts which have gotten great review from the younger kids around here.

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+1 for the addict jrs also

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Thanks very much, RaceDude and Daveski7.  I am checking them out now on the Fischer site.  Pardon my ignorance, but is "Composite Frame" wood?  The highest level jr. ski seems to be the Addict Pro Team, which they confusingly do not designate as Jr.  The core is described as "composite frame", and the skis are listed under the "Slopestyle" section of the site instead of Jr. skis - odd way to put the site together.  A UK site has a review of them "worldskitest.com" - they really liked them - ranked them highest of the tested skis.  Nordica Double Six was next, then Elan RCG Race, and then the Gotama Jrs.  


Any thoughts on the Armada Coda?  In any case, sounds like the Fischers would be a good idea.  I really appreciate the help. 

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Sorry to add one more thought, but I just noticed that the shortest length for the Addict Pro Team is 141 - may be too long for him.  He is only maybe 50" now - say he grows two inches, that is still only 132 cm.  The shortest Armada Coda (also a wood core) is 136, maybe a stretch as well, but he could potentially handle it.

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Just a thought, at 50" the 119 should come right up to his eyebrows(same size as my son on a 118)IMHO you should go no larger than a 128 or so to allow for growth next year. That alone is 4" which is a big jump for a little guy. Too much ski might hinder his great progress that he is making,try to keep that into consideration.  See if anyone has a leftover Bridge or something like it.  Good luck,  pretty soon you'll be chasing him right?

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Thanks again, Daveski7.  Your advice will be followed.  I will hang on to his current skis in any case.  It leaves out a lot of options, but better to get the right length.  I have learned that to my sorrow (I am 5'9" and bought a pair of 185 Armada JJs that I will now have to sell - too long - stupid on my part).


Very true on the chasing thing.  I still have him on-piste, but he is taking me on the bumps.  Good for him!  It is unbelievable how fast he has progressed.  They have fun but are serious about building great skiers at Squaw.

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As long as it stays fun for him I am sure he will keep chugging along.Keep it as far away from work as possible and you will have a ski partner for life. I have two of them as long as I play my cards right.    Dave

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I would also appreciate some guidance.  I've been looking for something for my daughter who doesn't want to race anymore.  The local shop has some Rossginol Pro S7 Junior skis.  These are nothing like the adult S7's, but appear to be regular twin tips.  Are all junior/youth twin tips pretty much the same?

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If she is a racer then I assume she is pretty aggressive. Stock seems to be a little thin around the board. I highly suggest to get something in a wood core and approx. 10cm longer than her race skis to accomodate for turned up tails. I know this is vague but is a start. What can be suggested and what people actually have in stock might be another thing.I think all the guys and gals that sell skis are out west but will probably check in P:M.   Dave

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I thought I would add a bit to spur ideas.  I have made a list, as I see it, of the skis that are not beginner that are in the market right now.  It is really pretty thin when you look at it.  Not a lot of reviews or people who pay much attention to this area, even if they are experts on the adult side, Dave and RaceDude excepted.  I did find a great review of the Fischer Addict Team Pro, which is also a fav of the guys who have weighed in here, as I mentioned above.  Mcross, I would definitely check those out - I would probably just get them if they made a 130 cm or less.


Wood core, includes under 130cm lengths:

Line Super Hero Ski

Volkl Gotama

Line Afterbang Shorty (they say park only)

(over 130cm) Armada Coda


Non wood core, includes under 130 cm lengths:

Fischer Addict Team

(over 130cm) Fischer Addict Pro Team

Armada Bantam

K2 Bad Seed

Salomon Shogun Jr.

Salomon Mai Tai Jr.

(over 130cm) Rossignol  S7 Pro Freeride

4frnt Grom

Dynastar Team 6th Sense

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Will this be his only ski, or a specialty ski?

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It would be his primary ski.  He will still have his racers, but practically speaking he will use there every day.

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You know, honestly, that Bad Seed sounds like a great ski for him.

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Have to agree w/Epic,just took a look at the Bad Seed and it looks like a pretty solid choice. A little expensive but definitely seems like what you are looking for.

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Funny that he is skiing the Bad Seeds now and likes them.  He is lobbying for the Line Super Hero but I think that is a bit marketing pull.  He thinks commercials should guide his buying decisions.  Kind of kidding.  We can just move up to the bigger size if that is the conclusion.  Any thoughts on the Line, though, given that it is wood core and the marketing superior?

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If he is already used to a ski why change,just go bigger.Just my opinion

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Sounds good to me.  I will go with it.  Thanks again, everyone, for the thoughts and help.

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Good choice, not to make things confusing but make sure you get a jr binding for it because of his weight, the brakes will have to be stretched most likely but I would suspect he has less than a 23.0  boot.Is that correct?

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I am pretty sure it is an 18.5.  Little guy.  He has a set of kid's bindings on them now - through evo, highest DIN is 7, which seems adequate.  Wide enough, too.  Maybe just trash the old skis when the season is done and mount the same bindings.


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That's true, you mentioned the topsheets were pretty trashed,transferring is a great idea to save money on new bindings.  Enjoy

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