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Fisher RX Pro 8 2010 (orange?) vs 2011 (red?) vx Progressor 8 or 7 2011??

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I am debating whether to stay with my Pro8 or got to ProGRESSOR 8, or 7.  Also not sure if last year Progressor 8 is same as this year but dif color?  Found the older model for about $150 less adn don't really care about graphics one way or the other.


Demo'd a pair last year but now unclear which model they were and ended up with Pro 8.  But getting told I should be on ProGRESSOR 8  or possibly 7 but most say the 8 sounds right for me. 


Just want to keep my old bones having fun as many yrs as possible.  I do not care about speed.  (speed kills...  ha ha).  But love motion and movement.    Love (most) bumps and digging glades at places like Ragged,  Bretton Woods, etc.  Can reasonably handle Icarumba, White Heat group,  and Agony at Sunday River.  Tin Man, Oz area are just right most of the time.   Just skied Canon for 1st time in 40+ yrs and found myself in the Mittersill area.  Wow!!!  Had a ball but 4 runs wore me out wonderfully.  Great day to end the season.    Mostly (true) black to black and half is good higher end.  Older skier (57) so need lots of power steering and quick response with light weight.  Ski almost exclusively in New England so not concerned with powder behavior.   


Don't really want to buy another pr of skis only to find they don't fit the ticket or not much difference from the Pro 8 I have used this year.  Skied on Cross Max for past 6 yrs so nice step up and much lighter.


Any helpful feedback truly appreciated.



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I'm thinking what you are calling the RX Pro 8 is actually the RX8 Pro which is essentially the same as the older RX8.  


I owned the RX8 for a couple of years and its a great hard snow ski.  My only complaint was that it did get a bit nervous at higher speeds, but for lower speed carving it was very good.  Also owned the Progressor 8+ and loved it.  No speed limit and very versatile ski.  Can make many types of turn shapes and is even good in the bumps.  I've since moved on the the Kastle RX as my hard snow ski and it is a truly fantastic ski which stays glued to the snow in most conditions.


My advise would be to stick with what you have unless you do want a bit wider ski.  If you do I would not even think about the Progressor 7+ as it is really an intermediate ski.  Go with the 8+ or 10+ if you do want a new ski.  The 9+ is more of a race ski feel and is very stiff.


Also please note that Fischer will be re-tooling their line up next year so the models will change again.  You should be able to get a very good deal on an 8+ or 10+ because of the changes though.



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how did the pro 8 compare to the progressor 8 in moguly glades and bumps?  I agree with the "nervous" description.  But  I just keep big sweeping turns and it is fine. 

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I think the Progressor 8+ is better in bumps and cut up glades than the RX8.  It's more stable and has a nice even flex.


It's not a huge difference though, so you may just want to stick with the skis you have.



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+1 what Mike said above.  I have also skied both the RX Fire 8 (RX8, RX8 Pro) and the Progressor 8+.  While there is a little more stabilityand versatility in the Progressor 8+, (waist is 72mm instead of 65mm), I am not sure the on-snow differences are enough to warrant new skis if you are enjoying the RX 8 Pro.


If you do decide that you want a wider platform and greater versatility, there are still a lot of great frontside carvers out there in spite of the move to wider and wider skis.

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IMHO they ski too much alike to actually replace one with another. Thinking outside the box, keep the RX8 Pro for "eastern hard pack" days and grab something wider with rocker characteristics like a Rossi S86 or such or a Sultan 85. I am sure there is a list of other skis in this category that will be suggested but two skis are better than one.Hope this helps .   Dave

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I am even older than you (65 next month).  I replaced my RX8s (2005 model I think) with the Progressor 8+ last year, so am very familar with both.  Probably put 125+ days on the RX8s and have 40 or so on the Progressors.  They ski very similarly, with the 8+ being more versatile and a notch up in performance.  As has been stated above, I don't see a real reason to switch.  The Progressor 7 is a step down andnot worth considering while the 9+ is closer to a GS race ski than you want. 

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