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Powder skies: Volkl Katana or Atomic Bent Chetler

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Trying to decide on my first Powder skies that could be versatile to handle other types of snow as well. 


I'm 40 years old, 6'2, 200lb advanced skier. Ski Squaw mostly, pretty much everywhere. Last two seasons on Atomic Snoops but i feel like i have outgrown them by now. They feels too soft and not enough edge control at this point. 


I have demoed:

Rossignol S7 - Loved them in the powder. Very easy to turn and a lot of fun to be on. Very playful. However, on grooms i just couldn't figure out how to put them on the edge. Couldn't carve them at all and i love to carve.


Volkl Katana in 190 cm. - I know it sounds like the right size for the guy of my complexion but it was too much of the skies for me. Felt heavy and hard to turn. 


Volkl Katana in 183 cm. - They felt just right. Easy to turn in the powder, not  as easy as S7 but i could mange it. A lot of edge control of paste (exactly what my Snoops are missing). Very stable in bumps and in short turns.


So now i'm all confused. I definitely like the S7 in powder the best but i didn't like them anywhere else. Heard that Atomic Bent Chetler as good in the powder but much better on grooms. Could be my ski but it was impossible to find a demo pair, they are all sold out....


Katana in 190 seems like the appropriate size for me but it was just too much of the skis. Maybe i can grow up into them but i'm afraid it might take a while ;-)


Katana in 183 felt just right but most of my friend are saying that it's too short for me as the powder ski and i just don't want to get the powder ski that i could use as an everyday ski and wouldn't be enough for the powder days in the future.


I would rally appreciate if anybody can help me to make some sense out of this mess.







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I am in much of the same situation you are. I looked at many top line brands to find the best powder skies, and I have finally decided that the volkl katanas are the best. The major complaint I have herd about them is that they do not to well for back country hicks, with the rocker they push the snow, making it more work to hike. But otherwise I have herd that they are a great ski.

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Can you share your stats and the size of Katana that you've got? 

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First of all you are saying how the S7 doesn't work well on the groomers. Well, I don't think that should come as a shock to you, the S7 is a powder ski. Most skis that are made for deep snow aren't exactly at their best on a groomer. Now are you looking for one ski that does it all or are you looking for a powder ski? That is something you need to decide. The Volke you are looking at goes 111 under foot, that isn't the recipe for a great groomer ski. It could work from time to time, but won't be my choice to ski on hard pack.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need to figure out what the heck you want out of a ski, a true powder ski isn't going to carve like a carving ski, but a carving ski isn't going to float in the powder. Two different worlds.  You either need to come down in waste size or run two pairs of skis, that is my two cents. 

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Valid question, thank you.

I realize that neither pair could be a one quiver ski. Both of them are too wide under the foot to ski on the hardpack. But since i'm skiing in CA where the snow is soft most of the time, i could use a wide ski on the days after the powder as well. Even on the days where there is a powder, it doesn't last all day.


So yes, at this stage i'm looking for a pair that i can ski in the deep snow within the boundaries of the resort (not for a backcountry skiing) that i could also carve and ski bumps with on the next day after powder.



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Ok, I'm going to give you the name of a ski that I think could work for all the above, or at least until you get a big powder ski. K2-Side Stash.

I love this ski, I have it in a 181 and it is my go to ski for skiing at Squaw. I have skied it on two foot days, 4 inch days, wind buff, corn snow and groomers, works well on all conditions. Isn't a twin tip, but this is a benefit sometimes on hard pack, or it is for me. Look into those, maybe get a demo do a couple runs, they rip. Narrower then the 111 ski you were looking at, but it does the job. 

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