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shimming bindings

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Hi, I posted in another forum here but got only got one or two answers I didn't want to hear....  mad.gif.    So, I'm trying another forum hoping to find other people or answers which might be able to help.


I want to shim the toe of my rail-mounted Look/Dynastar PX14 bindings so as to reduce the ramp angle.  I don't want to "gas pedal" my boots, because I have other skis/bindings that do not need the same kind of treatment. 

I skied with shims under my toes for awhile, but clearly that is not a great (or probably safe) way to ski for longer periods.  Anyone have experience/thoughts about shimming?  They are Look/Dynastar PX 14 mounted on a Dynastar Contact 4x4.


Thanks for ANY suggestions.

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 Vist Toe Shim.jpg


I do a good few toe shimming jobs for customers each season. Shims are not unsafe in any way - I'd argue that skiing with a delta set-up that  suits your natural balance is far safer. My bindings have a 5mm delta from the pic you can see I use a 3+4mm shim to give a -2mm delta which I balance best with.    


The biggest problem is getting the longer front screws. I sell Vist bindings in the UK & Vist offer shims in 2, 3 & 4mm thickness plus a number of additional length screws so they're real easy to do.


Unfortunately it's a nightmare trying to get longer screws from the other main makers. Look do a 4/5mm shim set for the P18 pivot toes but unfortunately those screws are different from the PX's toe screws.


The best solution I've found is to first install Quiver Killer inserts in to the skis & then it's a doddle to adjust the M5 machine screws to the required length. This is gonna cost more but you'll get the benefits of the QK's as well.  



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