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Atomic R:11

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I have a used pair of Atomic R:11 boots for sale. I skied about 25 days on them but was unable to get the boots to fit correctly. The left boot liner has had the instep area cut down and resealed, and the big and little tow areas have been releaved by arcing cuts about 1 inch long. Both boot shells have had the heel pocket sanded down to create more room. Both boots have some superficial marks on the outer shell.

I am willing to part with these boots at almost any price. - Have to pay taxes

Please make an offer.
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Thats a lot of work thats been done to those boots. It would be helpful if you posted the size. By the way did you by any chance ski park City is past season? I recall rideing up the lift with a skier from NC who was complaining about some boots he bought from so called master bootfitter in NC the Boot were way to small for his foot. He had to rent boots becuse they hurt his feet so much.
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Yea, I forgot about the size. THey are 28.5's.

I didn't get to Park City this year. I was in Utah, but we skied Alta when we were there.

I got my boots fitted in D.C. but had several different bootfitters work on the boots till I finaly gave up and skied about the last 7 days in my touring boots.
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It would have been a pretty small world if you had been the same guy That I met on the lift. Thats really to bad you had so much done and didn't get the right fit you wanted. A 28.5 is to big for me I wear a 25.5 I have even fit into a 25 now that was a tight fit. Good Luck with selling them
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