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Latex gloves while waxing?

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I was recently hanging out with my friend who's a cross country skier.  Shes pretty good (like top 20ish or so in the country) and she was showing me her new toys in her tuning room, yes she has a tuning room and I am completely jealous.  Anyways she had a new pair of skinny skis that were just stoned I guess and I was checking them out, and she told me not to touch them.  I thought she was just being over cautious, but she continued to tell me how the oils on our fingers go into the base and can mess with waxes.


It kinda makes sense I guess, but does it really matter? or maybe it's just a cross country thing.

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If you are really anal about this, yes it matters, but it's not so big deal. But it's true, that with xc skiing, wax, structure and ski base is much much more important then with any alpine skiing discipline.

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It makes sense to me but I think unless you racing at the highest level where winners and losers are separated by thousandths of a second it's not worth worrying about.

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Another of the things you need to worry about if you are in the top 20 that I unfortunately will never have to care about.

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Sorry.... I saw the words "Latex" and "Waxing" and then realized the thread wasn't about what I thought it was.  biggrin.gif

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