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Ski recommendation: 60% Groomed, 20% Ungroomed, 20% Park Like

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60% Groomed, 20% Ungroomed runs (not backcountry), 20% Park Like/ right off the groomed runs...


Can someone please help me evaluate these skis - or suggest something you think is better?  I have read so much and do not have the opportunity to demo - I am seriously lost.  I wanted to pick something up on the off-season to save a buck or two.  I have been skiing on rentals all year in Tahoe.  This is my second year skiing.  I'm 6 2 200lbs.  I am on the blues and having a great time, but when I get bored I find myself looking for things to jump off, bank off, catch a little air in the small park, going off the groomed runs where others have made paths through the trees, up and down the snow banks, etc.  I want to continue to develop my carving, but want to do some small park-ish stuff as well.  I also enjoy learning to spin and trying to ride switch.

I am riding 174 cheapy rentals, like the light weight and easy turnability of the skis, I fell like I am in total control of them.  Control is more important than speed to me (for now anyway)  If I could get them just a bid wider, maybe a little stiffer, and a dual tip (directional is fine) I would probably be happy, but I want to develop both my carving and small park like skills at the same time,  is that even possible?  They have to perform well on the ice for those spring morning conditions too.  Any help would be appreciated, seems like when I go to the ski shops they just try to sell me something that they have, and what they have left is limited.


Seems perfect on paper but they say they are for young skiers (I'm late 30s), good price, not sure if they would help develop front side skills:

Volkl Alley 178 
111-81-104  21.8 @ 178

These get great reviews on K2s site, on ice, moguls, parks, front side, but guy at ski shop said they would be no good on ice or for carving - very conflicting from the reviews:

K2 Silencer   179
118-85-109  20 @ 179

Dynastar 6th Sense Disorter 179
119-87-109   24 @ 179   

These were recommended by the ski rental shop guy:

Rossignol S86 Freeride 178
130-86-116   15.9 @ 178

Everyone loves these but wonder why they are not rated for park?  Not sure they would handle small air:

Line Prophet Flite
125-90-113    17.7 @ 179
2128g weight

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You might want to check the Line Chronic Cryptonite also.  It might be a little more park-ish than you're looking for, but it's still a solid ski.

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RaceDude, I appreciate the reply.  I think based on cost and availability I am narrowing down to Alley, Silencer, and Flite. I want light and easy to control for now as I am developing... hope I can get others opinions on this as well.  I would like to demo but the season is just about over and I could not find any place around Tahoe that has these skis for rent.

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I have been looking at the s86 Freeride myself and it lookslike a strong ski,especially for all mountain purposes. You mention parklike skills meaning what. If you want to do rails and ride switch you want to probably lean towards a twintip.I believe the s86 is not,just a turned up tail.If you look Volkl, I would not suggest the alley,I would shoot for looking for a leftover Ledge instead. A little more solid and sandwich construction instead of cap.Mounted traditionally you could ski this all mountain also.You just have to ask yourself exactly how much time you will spend in the park and what you plan to do when in it? Hope this helps.  Dave

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Either way I'd suggest you get Schizo bindings, so that you can adjust stance.

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I just got some Line Prophet 90's and they are definitely worth considering. They are a twin tip with an all mountain feel. Very good edge on hard snow (I am from the East), quick and lively, good in trees and bumps. They are very solidly built, so I don't think air is a problem. I do not think they are particularly light, so that might be a negative in the park. (I don't do park.)

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Sugahloafo has a good recommendation in the Prophet. Keep in mind, this is not the Flite mentioned earlier. The Flite is for lighter and less  aggressive skiers. The one he has has metal and more stout and you are a pretty big guy.Nix the Ledge, very soft,I missed your height and weight,sorry.The Wall or  the Bridge would be your choices from Volkl.

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Thanks guys!  No matter were I go or what I read those Prophets are always mentioned.  Guess I am too big for the Alley, Ledge, or Flites.  I am not going to spend a lot of time in the park really, never on a rail - too dangerous to me and my future skis.  In general I like following the snowboarders around and jumping off whatever they do just off the groomed trails, riding backwards, and spinning around while I wait for my wife to catch up to me.  I do go in the park to do small jumps and hope to start landing switch.  The S86 was mentioned to me last weekend by the guy checking me in to my rentals.  Unfortunetly it is hard to find any of these to demo.  Looks like I am down to S86, Silencer, and Prophet 90 - the silencer is by far the least expensive.  I will look in to the Schizos but initially look pricey... any less expensive recommendations, are some better at absorbing impact than others?

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The schizo was mentioned because its adjustable, you mentioned park,etc. The Marker Griffon and the Jester are basically the same binding with no adjustability. Both great bindings.

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If you are looking at the Prophets - you would not be making a wrong choice to look at the 100. All of the 90 and more. They rail carves just fine. Very nice ski, keep thinking I want to buy something else, but have not found anything the is as good all- around.
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