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Skidding and tail washout

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I am a new member, I tried using "skidmarks" as my online name but it's taken.  I'm trying to learn edging and I'm experiencing washing out,(SKIDDING) I don't know if I'm forcing the tails, and not being patient enough threw the turn, or if my weight is too far forward,  I can't seem to bend the shovels and arc the turns, I just skid trew the turns, everything I'm trying is not working. My skis washout more on steeper runs. Any input would be appreciated.

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Skidding and tail washout

There are a couple of other influences that I am curious about.  What is the impact of detuning the tails as it effects the taper of the ski?  This may be another source/contributor to washout?  Also for those who chose to use a  wedge or ramp  in their boots to get forward.  Might this also be suspect?  Anyone with thoughts on these items would be greatly appreciated.

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Skidding and tail washout

I find I will sometimes start to get tail washout if I miss judge & over rate the degree my edge will hold in middle or end of a turn i.e., the whole run could have had no ice & under a quarter inch of snow there was a small patch of boiler plate ice.

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I moved this into a new thread rather than as a post onto a 2009 "technique" thread.  The coaching request is a good one that affects many skiers.

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