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3d ragdoll application?

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It would be extremely useful with a 3d ragdoll application in which simple movements could be recorded and replayed by an url. With such an app we could easily visualize movements. I guess no such web app exists right?
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I played around with for a while. I even found a skiing example.

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There are several Dynamics Engines to be found on the Internet. Most are costly though a few are free (open source). None are set up specifically for skiing though I recall a couple that focus on "Ragdoll Physics" in a generic sense.

To use any of them you'd need to write your own application and craft the skiing yourself using the physics engine to calculate outcomes based on the inputs you decide. You'd also need to create your own UI and a means to present the 2D or 3D graphics presentation.

(Endorphin looks interesting, but probably expensive.)

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There is a free version

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3DS Max is a great all-around 3D modeling/rendering application that can do what you want, but:


1. It's not a web app, it's something you run locally on your PC

2. The learning curve is very steep

3. It costs several thousand dollars.  But you can often find a time-limited free demo (30 days or so) available from their website, or on the CD that accompanies magazines such as 3DWorld.


Blender is a similar program that is free.  I am just starting to learn it, so I don't know if you can easily create a little guy and use the mouse to throw him down stairs, etc. like you can in 3DS Max.

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