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Boot Fitting, Shell Fitting with Very Large Foot Size But a Pretty Narrow Foot

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Level Six to Seven skiier, thirties, 6'4", 205lbs.  Recently just got better thanks to lessons.


Foot measures 31.5 cm.  I usually wear a size 14 US shoe, sometimes a 15.  Never a 13.  I think my feet pronate.


Currently ski in 31.5 Salomon Performa 7.0 boots. 


Medial ankle bones, tibia and talus I guess, get wrecked from skiing.  I now wear mole skin (sticky pads on skin) to help, but one day makes them raw and the second day we're past the skin.  Third day in a row skiing is currently not possible without a lot of pain and swelling.


Have Superfeet footbed and a wedge in my current boot, which I think should help.  My ankles are bony, and the pronation makes the bones stick out even further which results in the rawness.


I really want to get a better boot, and work on getting that to fit right.  Current one is killing me and don't want to mess around with a 8 year old boot with a 80 flex.


Selection is VERY limited in my size, but currently I have a mail order pair of Salomon Mission 10 RS boots (100 flex, 102mm last) at the house, and another pair of Rossignol Sensor 3 100 (100mm last) on the way.  I'd love to walk into a store and try things on, but at my size, it's a fantasy which will never happen.  I've called and asked around.  Most places have max of one boot in my size.  So the best I can do is order a few boots, and pay the return shipping on all of them which I don't keep.  It's not ideal, but after 20 years of shopping for shoes, I'm used to taking what I can find.


Now, with the Mission 10 RS, I tried out the shell fitting.  I've got about an inch of space behind my heel when my toes lightly touch.  I've heard that's too much from the FAQ on this site, but another site said 1 1/2 to 2 fingers width, which for me would be just over an inch.  The thing is, the other criteria for the length fitting seems right.  If I put the boot on with no buckles and stand up, my toes are hitting the front with a good deal of pressure.  Buckle up the boot, and my toes are just lightly touching the front.  Lean forward, and they just pull back.


In comparison to my old boots, the new boots feel FANTASTIC.  So much better!  Pressure seems evenly distributed.  Also, when I just put on just the liner of the new boot, my foot actually stretches it a bit.  It's not uncomfortable, but it's snug.  My old boots, the liner is loose.  I would transfer my Superfeet to the new boots, which would only make then more snug ( a good thing).


Once you get to bigger boot sizes, does the shell fit a bit bigger as well?  Because it seems like these boots fit well with the liners in, even if the shell is big according to the boot fitting FAQ.  The only better fit I'm thinking I can get is to try the Rossi's or another boot with a 100mm last.  I'd love to try a 98mm last boot, but they seem to not even exist in my size from any boot manufacturer I've looked up.


I've thought about trying a 31.0 size boot, but they don't exist in most models.  I did find ONE with a 100mm last, a Nordica Speedmachine 110.  Should I give this boot a shot?


I'm wondering if the new boots feel great now, but will soon feel too big once they start getting broken in.  But every boot I try which doesn't work costs me maybe $40 in shipping, so I'd rather not waste any money unnecessarily.


Anyone who's read this whole thing, I thank you for your patience and help!

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You read the FAQs, so you know 1 inch is too much room. Trying to fit your own boots is a tough, if they feel good they are too big, if they feel way too tight they are getting close... without someone sitting next to you telling you that everything will be OK it's hard to choose the boot that doesn't feel good, but that's what you need to do. You need at least ONE FULL SIZE smaller shell, there are no 1/2 sizes and sometimes the shell sizes get doubled up when you get into the gi-normous sizes. Make sure the shell measurement is +/-10mm smaller in the next boot you try. Hint: try warming the liners up with a hair dryer before you try the smaller boot, get the toe box and heel nice and warm, it will soften the foam and give you a better sense of 'fit'.


... or wait until fall and go see a shop near a ski area that has a descent selection, I know this will cost a little, but buying the wrong size and shape boot isn't 'saving' anything.



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5-15mm behind your heel is ideal, so sounds like you need a 30 boot.


100mm is medium width, 98 = a bit narrower, and most brands make a 30 in either shape.


what whiteroom said, wiat and get the right thing ONCE.

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Thanks guys. Actually, if I fit a 30.5 boot that's a boon for me, as they are quite a bit easier to find.  And I do intend to get the right boots, even if it means loosing more skin on my last trip this season and waiting until next year.


Not to challenge your knowledge here, because if I didn't think you were the true experts I'd not have asked to begin with, but why would a site like Evo:




Recommend 1/2- 1 1/2 inches behind your heel for a shell fit?  Are we just talking different audiences, with EpicSki focusing more on serious, performance oriented skiers and Evo focusing on everyone, including beginners, and moving product?  Evo's size recommendation does match up with this one as well:




Which mentions 1 1/2 to 2 fingers, which for me is about 1.5 inches.  Just wondering where this difference in opinion comes from.


Thanks again!

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different crowds,


if EVO sized people with 5-15mm, they would have 100% return rate on boots online,  Without a boot fitter, to help you make a boot fit a bit bigger in places, (and talk you into thin socks, footbeds, yes your toes will touch at first, dont walk in your boots, etc)  nothing will work.



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The difference between an online site that sells boots and a boot fitter is:


the online seller wants to ship ONE pair of boots and have you keep them. They figure that you're shopping online and next time you buy you will do the same, chance of return business= slim.


The Boot Fitter is assuming that any fit issue will mean return visits until the problem is solved, they know a boot sale may require 2 or 3 visits but at the end, the customer will be thrilled and tell his/her friends. A life time relationship will form.


Online sellers are good people, but if you care about your boot fit it's best to deal with someone who you can re-visit and get a perfect fit. It's possible to buy online and have work done locally... it's just hard to get the initial fit right on your own.

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Hi Iamthewalrus,


Your ankles are telling you that your previous boot selection method hasn't worked.  I agree with the fellas 

who have responded so far----follow their suggestions and you can forget about the "moleskin".



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And anudder thing or three........................


1) First, get measured on a mondopoint measuring device. Your shoe size is irrelevant.

2) A full size in modopoint is ~~ 3/8". If you put a ruler on a mondo sizer with zero @ sz 27, the 1 1/2" mark falls in between 30 and 31. How accurate do you think that 1 1/2" is???

3) This has been alluded to but should be emphasized. You say you have a narrow foot yet you are looking at the wider end of the Spectrum. Look into some 98mm boots.



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Do you guys have recommendations for boots in 98mm (or even narrower) which go to size 30.5?  I'm pretty confident I could go as narrow as they come, my feet are around an AA or even AAA.  When I was looking at the various websites, I couldn't find any that went up to that size.  Most seemed to stop at 29.5 and while I will pursue a more aggressive fit than the 31.5, I am confident that 29.5 won't work.


I do not want to be at the wider end of the spectrum, I'm just looking into what I can find.  Of course if I could locate something locally, all the better.   I'd like to work with a boot fitter who's local as I know it can take several trips.


Thanks everyone so far.

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I know that fulltilt makes a 30 shell


technica 98mm should go that big too?



why not ask, and work with your local boot fitter to see for sure what size/length you need, and what boots are avail to you as well.

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At least on their website, the narrow Techicas go up to 11.5.  I actually have been asking the stores I have local access too, and nobody has come up with anything narrower than 100mm yet.  I haven't yet dug up a website of the various boot places that makes them in that size.  I hadn't seen Fulltilt before though.


You're right though, Fulltilt makes a 99mm last in my size, but I wonder if that's really much better?  Pretty close to 100mm.  If I can go smaller, I'd like to.


I'm sure there's some performance/pain trade off as well, and honestly I'm not hard core enough to want to endure something too torturous :)  Same could be said for stiffness, I feel that I'm improving this year but something in a 150 flex is probably going to be beyond what I'd ideally want.

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150 flex can be dropped to 100ish \


get the fit, then the flex 2nd.

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I haven't had much luck yet finding a <100mm last boot in my size.


What would you guys thing about a strategy of taking one of the Salomon Custom Shell boots, say the Impact 10 CS, in a 30.0 or a size which would be slightly small, and just trying to stretch the shell (and liner I suppose) lengthwise?  Then it would be a bit narrower than say buying a 30.5 boot and leaving it as is.  And obviously a lot narrower than a 31.5 in a 102mm last. Does that sound like a possibly workable approach?  Maybe that would even work on a 29.5 if it can be stretched out enough?


Or if anyone has suggestions for a <100mm last boot in 30.0 or 30.5 size, I'm all ears.


And thanks mntlion for the flex suggestion, I didn't know that was possible in general (I knew some boots had adjustments with screws and such for stiffness, but not generally).

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Lange has a couple of models in their 97mm RS 130/RX Pro boot which would be the only under 100mm shell avail in 30.0 shell sizes that I am aware of. The Tecnica 98mm boots go up to a US 11.5 which is approximately a 29.0 shell. Tecnica for 2012 will have a couple of options in the 98mm range that will go to a size 30.0 shell. Do not be concerned about 30.0 vs. 30.5. They will be the same shell regardless of MFR. A size 30 shell in the narrower width would likely offer a more achieveable fit than a 29.0 shell regardless of the amount of modification attempted.



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I'm chiming in late here but I believe that the Head Raptor also comes in sizes to 30 and I think if you look that most manufacturers make their 98mm lasts up to 30.



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Thanks for all of the help guys.  Looks like 2012 will be a better season to go hunting


Tecnica sounds like a good bet for 2012.  Or Lange.


Also, for anyone looking, at least this season Head did have a 98mm last that came up to a 30.0 (thanks Lou).


Though it did seem, at least from websites, that most manufacturers stopped at 29.5 with their <100mm last boots.  However, this is just what I could glean off of websites, certainly not the final word on availability.



Technica (this year)





Couldn't find anything from these guys.  Hopefully this helps someone else with long, narrow feet!

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I bet you'll fit into a 29.biggrin.gif

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