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Spin drill troubles

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Iam having trouble with my one leg spin drills


I am having trouble doing single leg clock wise spins on left leg but not counter clock wise on left ski


 On right ski I have trouble doing clock wise spins but not counter clock wise.


 I have never had my skis checked if they needed canting but I think it is more from lack of skill in balance, edging & timing.


 What drills do I need to perefect to master outside leg spin.



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So counter-clockwise spins are difficult on both sides.  Its not unusual to have a favored direction where turns are easier.  Are you snagging edges?  Maybe a better description of the problem would get a more useful reply.

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Powder Jet,

Do you sense a difference in making Left turns vs. Right turns? for instance, is it more difficult to start a Left or a Right turn? Most people have a Range-of-Motion difference to the Left vs. to the Right in both their pelvis and legs (generally it's mostly an issue of the pelvis).

The direction that's more limited in rotational range tends to prevent motions that properly release/engage edges to that side, properly tip to that side, and properly pressure the outside-ski on the opposite side. A one-sided range-of-motion limitation would likely show up in your one or two-footed spins.

Of course, it could also be an alignment issue with boots/bindings/skis ... but that's pretty hard to judge based on the limited information you've provided. As Cirque suggests, more information generally leads to a better diagnosis.

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you guys read wrong


OP can


Left leg - spin counter clockwise. IE outside edge, to inside edge

Right leg - spin clockwise. IE outside edge, to inside edge


my take is just maybe going from you inside edge to you outside edge is harder. I know it is because I can spin the ways you have no trouble doing for hundreds of yards at a time but the way you describe you cant do is WAY tougher.



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Finally someone joins that only Bush can understand. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Yeah, that certainly was tough to visualize as written. Let me see if I can thin it out to the exact elements that matter...

"... having trouble doing ... clockwise ... on left leg..." {Left leg hard to turn clockwise}

"On right ski ... have trouble doing clockwise ...:" {Right leg hard to turn clockwise}

To me, this reads as though he has a consistent asymmetry in his turn/spin difficulty - both feet/legs individually fail to cooperate with Right turn spins (assuming what I've clipped out correctly represents what he intended).

You seem to have read it differently BushwackerInPa, though I'm not sure it's us guys that read wrong... wink.gif

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My translation of what OP wrote (because it's exactly what it says):


Powder Jet has trouble spinning one legged 360s to the right, regardless of which ski he's doing it on.





Powder, are you doing the first half of the spin fore balanced, and the second half aft balanced?  If not, give it a try.  It helps.  It lightens the uphill half of the ski, freeing it to pivot and spin downhill.


Remember to switch edges each time your ski becomes parallel to the falline during the spin, both when the front of the ski is downhill, and when it's uphill.  When the front of the ski is poiinting downhill, tip SLIGHTLY on the ski's right edge, if spinning right.  When you reach the point where the front of the ski is pointing uphill, switch to the left edge.


If you can combine the fore/aft balance switch, with the edge switch, you'll have it licked.  

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I'm the same, spinning of any variety (in the air, on the floor, one legged, switch, whatever), is easy to my left, but hard to my right. It's really common, most freestylers spin to the left naturally.


Ricks advice is solid, I'd say practice a lot of 2 footed spins to your right as well, once you get as skilled doing that as to your left (I'm assuming it's weaker 2 footed as well), 1 footed will be easier.

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Sorry guys I made a mistake


  It is trouble clockwise standing on left ski

& trouble doing counter clock wise on right ski


 Now that I think about it the tip of my ski on the lifted leg when doing the directions I find harder is further away from the leg Iam spinning on creating a need for more energy for spin.


As for my turns I have always examined my tracks as well as when Iam skiing & I cant tell which side is stronger. (right now I can tell because Iam using 2 ski poles that are slightly differnt picking up new pair when I go to city)


  Rick you helped my skiing


  I was on your site & I really enjoyed reading the material. I never ordered the DVDs but tried  the drills talked about & tried skiing one ski like the guy on video & I could not believe the difference it made in my skiing. Since then I have been creative & tried thinking of doing differnt drills.


 I thought I would try spinning on one ski not a lot of experience yet but I can remember when I did it last it was easier shifting weight for/aft & edge changeing when tails or tip were pointing downhill. ( I think this drill builds excellent for aft balance edgeing & timeing ) Cant remember exactly which way but I bet it is the way you say. When someone does something differnt then everyone else I like to take notice because it shows they have been thinking & independent thinkers are often doing things better then the herd. In Canada I think there is to much conformity in the ski instruction industry I think more independence from the standard is needed so there is not a herd mentality. I think your videos would most likely be a rational approach to improve my skiing.

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