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Title:  Review: 2012 Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 Alpine Skis



Length/size Tested: 

178cms, dims:132 / 94 /118 mms, turn radius, 18m

Camber: Early rise tip  w/camber



Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review: Homewood Mountain Resort, Homewood, Lake Tahoe

*Runs Taken: 3 hours

*Snow Conditions: Spring snow, mostly soft

*Demo or Purchase: Demo from Start Haus, Truckee, CA


Summary (inc. Strengths & Weaknesses):

Skis were obtained from Start Haus, compliments of Sierra Jim and staff, and boots adjusted to Look PX12 demo binders. This ski is supposedly different from the 2011 model with more pronounced tip rocker, altho to my eye the amount of rocker was small.


Conditions at Homewood were definitely spring-like with very little hardpack, and turning to slush by 12 noon with temps ~55*

Several runs were made over 3 hours, covering a mix of groomers, tree skiing, and off-trail in soft/left-over powder and crud.



-  VERY easy to ski from the get-go, very forgiving given the high level of performance, biased towards making short turns, and an excellent carving ski in the soft snow conditions here.

-  Smooth, well-damped, and stable on smooth groomers with a high speed limit, and a typical Dynastar feel.

-  GREAT tree-skiing can slarve the tails easily, and with its propensity to make small turns and the rockered tip, this ski is  $$s....(I would have been eating bark had I been on my trusty LPs).

-  Will be a WINNER for a great many skiers, especially lighter weights.



-  Skis very short...feels like a 174 length, and as such does not blast crud as well as I would like (I would prefer more beef here).

-  Its short turn radius makes it grabby in crud, and the tips want to ride OVER the snow as compared to busting through, altho not a bad thing, just a bit strange to me.

-  The rockered tips exhibit a slight LAG on hookup on the few areas of hard snow that I found, but once hooked up they carved well....putting the skis on a high edge angle minimized this lag.




A very playful, FUN ski for soft snow, and could well work as a 1SQ for all but the most aggressive skiers.  Also a KILLER tree ski.



Other skis in class:

Volkl Mantra, Blizzard Atlas, Fischer Watea 94/98, etc



Tester Info:

Age: SUPER senior

Height/Weight: 5'-7, 155 lbs

Average days on snow:  30+ 

Years Skiing: 0-5, 6-15, 15-30, 30+  (pick one)

Skis in your Quiver: 08 Dynastar Legend Pro Rider, 176....Blizzard 8.7 Magnum, 174


Aggressiveness:  Aggressive


Many Thanks to Start Haus, Truckee, and Sierra Jim for the kind loan.