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Winter Park mini-TR

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Winter Park was awesome.  I normally ski a shitty hill, so this trip was real.


Here is a pic of maybe the coolest lodge ever (that I've personally experienced) and with the best pizza:








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 Sweet pics, nice TR. Did you venture over to Mary Jane?

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Yep, I did make it over to Mary Jane.  Mary Jane I thought was much more difficult than the rest of the ski area, steeper, and just littered with bumps.  Pretty much all the bump runs were a little over my ability level, though it was interesting when I got lost and was forced to ski a portion of one of the black-diamond bump runs.  For this reason (gnarly/steep terrain), I found myself spending the most time over at WP and vasquez ridge areas.

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Here is a pic of the Mary Jane Trail, a "blue-black" run, which basically means its pretty steep but is groomed.





Here is a picture of the Berthoud Pass (if you don't know, US-40, connecting I-70 to Winter Park over continental divide).  Reading about this place growing up, it was kind of cool just being there.  And Holy crap, some of the tracks I saw from the road!!!  Front Range locals know how to rip in the backcountry.








And here are some trees that looked very friendly for my level of "glade skiing."








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One more pic of the race course:





And a pic taken from the top of the whole resort, at 12,060 ft






And here is a pic somewhere in the middle of the resort.  The Colorado sky is so blue!  Great views there when it cleared up.




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Thanks. I didn't get to the Nastar nationals the past few years so I appreciated the videos and pictures. I always had a good time when I went, even when my skiing left something to be desired.

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