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Suggestive Ski Reporting

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I’m not sure if this is the correct forum, but I’ll start it here.  Last week, I posted the following review of ski conditions to the group I ski with.  If you have similar “descriptions” that you use when discussing please post them or let me know.  Here is the entire post:



I went skiing last night with Christina and Rick so I thought I would update you on the conditions.
I'm not sure about Rick or Christina's detailed impressions so I will just give mine.
I apologize for the delay in sending this out today. Apparently, I need to carefully word my description so it doesn't get reinterpreted it with immature, unintended sexual overtones. With that in mind, I carefully worded it, and reread it several times.
Then, to be extra safe, I sent it to Christina read it over and verify the accuracy of it.
Having her approval, I feel completely comfortable that no part of it can be misinterpreted.
So here goes:

Although the goal was to spend the entire night together, the three of us weren't quite able to catch the lift up every time since we enjoy ourselves at different paces.


Christina and I were advancing at a quicker pace than that to which Rick was accustomed so the two of us spent more of the night together.
We immediately checked out both peaks.  Both mountains were pretty firm, and I really enjoyed myself as I covered them.
I decided to take the lead while Christina followed close behind.
I soon found a couple of pretty hard areas on the mountains. They didn't seem too hard at first, but as I worked my way around, they seemed to be getting harder and bumpier.
I would have to say that they weren't too hard to navigate, but they were somewhat of a challenge for me since it has been awhile since I encountered conditions such as these.
I'll be honest and admit that I should have gotten out more this winter and I haven't gotten as much experience as I would like with this type of stuff.  So I decided to take my time and enjoy them as they were actually pretty fun to navigate around.
Maybe I'm out of shape, but it was quite a workout and I found myself starting to perspire so I decided it was best to slow down and enjoy things at a slower pace.
Although I didn't ask her, Christina also seemed to be enjoying the slower pace and following my lead.
As I continued down from the steep areas, the next areas were all pretty firm.
Still, I prefer it this way as opposed to softer and looser conditions that one sometimes finds in these areas.
We were definitely having fun and it was turning into a great night.
Being better at this than I, I don't think she even noticed, but I noticed that conditions were changing quickly and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable in certain areas.
I decided to readjust my stance and immediately, I felt more comfortable and continued working my way down.
No offense intended to Rick, but we were having a great time and I don't think either one of us missed having him with us.
Getting closer to the bottom I found things were getting easier and we decided to pick up the pace.
We were getting a little competitive as we both took turns taking the lead.
We were definitely both enjoying it.
The remainder of the run was completed pretty quickly, and when we finally stopped, we were both pretty worn out.
Still, we both had smiles on our faces and couldn't wait to do it again.

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lol. I didn't clue in until the end.



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