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You'll have to excuse me. I'm not feeling so good. It might have something to do with dust on crust followed by 24" in 48 hours, or it could have something to do with this crappy ski hill I just spent 4 days at. The trees are fake, the glades are lame, the backcountry - bush, it's super crowded, and there's absolutely no cliffs worth hucking.



So as you can see, a day at Vail really sucks. So save yourself the trip. There's nothing fun going on here, nothing fun... at all.


(a tribute to Red Mountain's ad on YouTube)


Also check out the photo TR from the last day, over on TGR:


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Yah. Blows.

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Dude, that sucked so bad, its the suckiest, lamest skiing,  Your technique is all wrong, you obviously have a bad tune on those boards and your skis are too fat!  I would suggest much more lifting and tipping........


(nice job, awesome skiing!)

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All that grooming equipment they own and the drivers can't find their away around eh ?

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I have the habit when it snows to head to Lift 5 and ski down Forever. The last couple of times I've done this, I encounter buried crust bumps hidden in the powder that really knock you around. Is Forever the worst place to go if it snows right after a warm sunny day. Seems like the exposure sets things up to be pretty tricky if the previous days weathewr has been warm?


I'm not much of an Indian, when figuring out exposures in the bowls, but I think I can find better places than what I'm picking. It's supposed to snow Sat night through Sunday with Sat being pretty mild. Where do you think Sunday AM in the bowls will be best?

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Yeah, could only find totally untracked til 12:45...then went in for juice and a cookie.

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Wow. That's just terrible. Think I'll see if I can return my air-tix for tomorrow and stay in Florida.

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Guess you've never seen a snow covered rock you didn't like.

Who was telling me there weren't any good trees in Vail?....anyway, agree it totally blows.

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 Where is my precious grooming?

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That looks awful! I think I just drooled a little...

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