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Extended Stays in ski country

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Not sure where this thread goes so i will put it here.


My wife and i have discussed the possiblity of spending a year or so in Colorado soon after retirement.   Will be in our mid 50's so hope to still be skiing.  .  Over the next few years, any time we make a trip, we would like to start scoping out some possible housing options.   From what i see, most condo ads rent by the day or week during winter months.  Would like to be within 30 minutes to an hour of skiing.  As of now, we have no specific area in mind.  Really don't know how to get started in the search process.  Internet, Realitor, VRBO, etc.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Not that knowledgeable about your topic.  But I'm thinking about this sort of thing too and have questions about the feasibility of renting a place for a few months rather than the entire year, so I'm interested in hearing any feedback. 


I assume a local realtor would be one starting point, maybe Bob Peters (moderater here) at Jackson Hole?  Scanning craigslist for SLC and Denver might give an idea of apartment/house rental rates.  VRBO is like the wild west, so if you see a property on there that you like you might be able to do some serious negotiating.  I would think most owners would love to find a long term renter especially in glutted areas.  Some of the obvious locations with lots of rentals are Summit County, CO, Vail/Avon/Edwards, Aspen/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs, SLC and Ogden, UT, South Lake Tahoe, Reno.

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Have you thought about Utah? We have family friends that rent a place in SLC for 3 months every winter and just love. Close to many areas + the advantages of a big city.

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Utah is a good suggestion as it'd give you access to more of a real housing/rental market, as opposed to a vacation-centric market where prices and rental terms are skewed towards daily/weekly/short-term visitors. Also you'll have a lot less trouble finding an apartment or rental, as you're dealing with a sprawling urban/suburban market as opposed to a tiny village in the middle of a valley.


I never used a realtor for rentals, so don't know much about that. I'd start by looking for rentals in the local paper of whatever town(s) you're thinking of. Internet is good too, but I think you'd find rentals in the paper that weren't listed on the Web.


Start early. I moved to Steamboat in August and I remember having a good deal of trouble finding a rental. It was like every property was being scoped by numerous eyes, and trying to make a deal over the Internet was all but worthless-- they kept signing with someone else. I'm guessing they get a lot of people just feeling the waters that aren't that serious, so it helps to show up in person, tour the property and sign on the spot. That's the route I eventually had to go. I think late-summer/fall is when people start filling up the rentals.


Good luck!

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I've done "medium" term rentals (3 weeks to a month) in Summit County, CO many times.  Summit County has tons of rental properties, so as long as you stay away from the on mountain properties, you can find some pretty good deals.  Some of the agents and rental agencies also deal with long term (more than a month) rentals.  Expect to pay as much for a winter rental as you would for the entire year.  I have used a rental agent and have found their prices as good as those on VRBO and I have a local office to go to if I have a problem.


Here's a link to an agent I've used a few times that has info on long term rentals on the site:



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