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An open offer for elearning design/development in skiing

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Hi guys, 


Over the years I've gotten quite a lot out of EpicSki. Now I have an opportunity to give something back to the skiing community - or possibly the EpicSki crew. Currently I'm working towards a masters in education through Athabasca University and, as part of my current course requirements, must create an elearning module to address a skill or knowledge gap. The module should be around 30 mins to 1h in duration. So I'm offering to build a free elearning module for a ski school or group.


What I can offer in building an elearning module is:

  • project management
  • instructional design (creating effective learning interactions)
  • development/coding (in Captivate or similar platforms)
  • maybe web hosting for a time (or at least a download link)
  • editing assets (graphics, videos)


What I would need help with is: 

  • identifying the actual need or issue
  • access to subject matter experts and course participants (I'm only a CSIA level 2, so have limited A&D skill)
  • getting assets to support the training


I'd like to make whatever we produce free to the general public, but at the very least I need to be able to use it in my portfolio. I also want to get the highest possible grade in my class. wink.gif


While actual ski improvement would be difficult (if not impossible), perhaps your team could benefit from a module on: 

  • Onboarding
  • Assessment & development strategies
  • Equipment selection/knowledge
  • Customer service/guest experience


Do any ski school director types have a need for an elearning module? I'm looking to deliver this by September, which may perfectly meet many ski school rampup times. If anyone knows of a need, please let me know. 






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A generous offer, certainly useful for a lot of things in the Skiing community as well as right here on EpicSki.

Are you referring to an eModule as being a Lesson Presentation for some topic, or an interactive Presentation with Testing kind of thing?

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MichaelA, hopefully there's some interest somewhere! I think eLearning can really benefit learners who may not always have access to an instructor to provide feedback. Some skill sets lend themselves better to eLearning than others.


To answer your question, given that the module needs to fulfil my course requirements, learning theory principles must be evident in the module. Consequently a simple "talking head" video or a powerpoint presentation will not suffice. Presumably the module would include interactive presentation (or some form of exploratory presentation), testing for understanding, corrective measures, and a final assessment to validate skill and knowledge acquisition.


The actual instructional techniques used will depend upon the content, audience, resources available, etc., though the techniques must be consistent with best practices in instructional design. The sponsor does not need to know anything about instructional design or instructional techniques (though many ski school employees have some background in this area). I would collaborate with the sponsor to reach agreement on goals, the needs assessment, the training plan, outline, drafts, and the final content. 


So if anyone wants to "sponsor" the project, as in help determine the goals of the training, provide access to some SMEs, and ideally provide some assets, that'd be great. Ideally I'm hoping to get commitment from a snowsport school director or someone who can actually implement the resulting module in their ski school. (Again, my services cost no money as this is a part of my course completion requirements.)

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Metaphor, I work in the eLearning field as a provider.  My company produces narration files for many of the country's top developers, both corporate training and school publishing.  Incorporating voice in training modules is very effective. 


If you're interested in this let me know and I might be interested in helping you.

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