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175cm all mountain twin tip skis too long for 5'6"?

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I am 5'6", 125lb, female.
Still learning ski but learn pretty fast.
Would 175cm all mountain twin tip skis be a good fit for me? They are advertised at a really good price now. Only $199. It is 2009 model but I guess I shouldn't care too much about what year they were made right?
should I go for it?
Any comments is a great help to me! Sweet thank you!

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The average ski length for you size and ability would be about 155-160. A twin does ski shorter than you might expect but I think that the 175 is at least 10 cm. longer than would be ideal.



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I agree with Jim. Although twin tips ski a bit shorter 175 is just to long for you for you height and especially if your still continuing to learn. I'd recommend no longer then 160cm.

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I also agree, 175cm is too long for you.  It would be helpful to know what specific ski it is.


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A full twin takes 10 cm off the running length of a ski, compared to one with a flat tail.  A large portion of today's skis have some kind of raised tail, even if they are not a twin tip, often cutting 5 cm off the running length.


For your size, a 160 or shorter ski in a full twin would ski very short, if you are going for a full twin something in the mid-160s would be better for an all-mountain ski.  (Sierra Jim knows what he is talking about.)

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Agree with the length suggestions above, but also need to add that length is only 1 factor, flex is also important.  I'm a 5'10 200lb guy and I just picked up a set of new '09 Dynastar Trouble Makers in 175 (full twintip I believe).  They are nice and stiff underfoot and ski very smooth...so I like the length I choose.  My brother is only 180 lbs but over 6'3 and he used them a bit on our last trip.  He's an Int-Adv skier and he did NOT overpower these in the least.  I demoed a whack of other twins and I noticed the stiffness variations more than the lengths.


To answer the question about the 2009 year, yes you are correct that you should not care about the model year for many reasons, but namely because:

  • they will be much cheaper
  • they are still new/unused/new to you
  • often the ski designs/innovations do not change drastically from year to year
  • they will be much cheaper
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I think there a few concerns here other than just length, can you please just tell us which ski's you are looking at?  (but the bottom line has been established, yes, they are too long... biggrin.gif)

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Where did you find them at that price?


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What I found is this:
Rossignol Voodoo SC80 Womens Skis with Saphir 110 W Freebeam Bindings 2009
if any of you are interested in buying, you just simply copy and paste to google it, you will find them too.

Thank all of you nicely reply my question!

Now almost all of you are telling me this is not a good fit....what do you think about this brand? I do like its price & the look of it

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