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Hi everyone,


Thanks in advance for the help here...


I am looking to buy my first and only pair of skis, and saw the Watea 78s in my size (167s) on Dawg's site at a really good price for a demo set with bindings, here:


I want some advice about whether this would be a good ski for me, and if not, where else I should be looking.


I am an advanced/intermediate skiier who skis all mountain (groomers, trees, moguls) on East (Sunday River) and West (Crested Butte) coasts. I am a 22 year old guy, about 5'7" tall and weigh ~175lbs. I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I use Nordica Hot Rod boots that I bought this year.


What do you guys think? I am hoping to keep my skis + bindings to under $400, and would like to support this site's sponsors, so this seems like a good deal. I have had trouble finding a lot of reviews of those skis though, as most of the threads here about them are a few years old. I have also been looking for Line Prophet 90s or Head iM82s, but have had no luck finding them in my price range and size...


Thank you,