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help me locate this great place n Colorado

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Many years ago some people turned me on to this great place in colorado where you could ski off the road about a mile down to another road.  Everyone was really cool sharing rides back up to the top and it was just a party.  The skiing wasnt that hard bu tit was gladed and near a resort.


It was definitely Colorado and probably either Loveland, Keystone or Winter Park area....I dont think we were skiing actually into a resort...


Does anyone remember this place? where might it have been?  I want ot go back with my 20 yr old high flyin boy.

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Sounds like Hidden Valley maybe up by Estes Park?  Or perhaps Bethoud Pass?

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The visible places for a tourist like me are the aforementioned Bethoud Pass near Winter Park and the Loveland Pass area off Rt 6 between Loveland and A-Basin ski areas.  Of course tourists like me stick to resort skiing because even these well blazed backcountry areas have significant avalanche danger for the unprepared.rolleyes.gif

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Sounds like Loveland Pass. 

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Most likely Loveland Pass.



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Ditto... Loveland Pass

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YES it was hwy 6 at above loveland.  And now I remember, it was two weeks after my 20 yr old was born....I flew out and rented a car.....and I had never been to loveland before...so it was 20 yrs ago...It didnt feel like poaching or tresspass...could I still do it there?


Imean back then there was strict prohibition against backcountry skiing no Out of bounds gates and they would chase you down....but not many were trying it either....I dont think.


maybe if my son stops laughing at me long enough we can go back for his birthday next year.....I prob wont remember by then anyway....good times


Thanks for the Avalanche warning.


thaks everyone....gonna have to try berthhound pass by steamboat yeah?

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Berthoud Pass is next to Winter Park, not Steamboat.  That being said, there are some pretty serious lines on Berthoud, as well as some mellow ones.


Lot's of folk ski both Berthoud and Loveland passes.  Lot's of them ski it without consideration that they are in the backcountry without avalanche control, and without avi gear or knowledge.  Not recommended unless you know what you are doing.  There are people who have died in the past few years on both in avalanches.


Still, it can be fun -- just make sure you know the consequences and what you are doing.



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This.  And don't assume you'll get a ride back around.  You might.  It could be quick, it could be a long time.  Better to go with a group of at least 4.  Three ski together (if one is hurt, one stays with that person, the other goes for help) and the 4th drives the car.  You can trade off.  But, personally I won't even do that kind of back country until I've taken Avy training.  Just not worth it.


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Defiantly sounds like Berthoud Pass.

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Yes thanks so much for the info about back country....you read my mind thinking that this was back country lite, no worries, but not so...thank you ....Safety first...I didnt even think of that.  And the team of 4 only makes sense.


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