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For those of Toronto.."Sport Chek"..SOME of them have leftover..obviouslly nos..straight skiis from..' of them has maybe 20/30 pairs..they were $40.00.A few of the "Play It Again" stores have new straight skiis..$20.
And for used skiis..I happenned to be in the "Goodwill" store downtown..they had 3 40 gallon drums..stuffed..and I do mean stuffed/overflowing..with straight skiis..some as new..never mounted..serious high end stuff..others almost new..high end..and appropriate bindings..and of course at the other end of the scale..junk..and everything in between..serious problem looking at/gaining access to stuff in the middle of the barrels..ALL skiis are $5-$10.I don't think they have anyone there that would know ANYTHING about skiis..