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All I can say is that the last two days have been great with about 2 feet of snow falling...yesterday was a storm day and today bluebird...the snow seemed lighter in the morning today than yesterday, but with the sun, was definitely heavier by the afternoon


Was late getting to the backside yesterday, so I took Flyer to the very slow R lift which gave me a chance to snap a few pics...I appoligize in advance for the mediocre quality (especially the video later), but it will give you an idea.


Not many ahead of me on R with lots of powder waiting

Ski032911 032.JPG


Ski Patrol at work on Union Bowl

Ski032911 035c.JPG


Not many ahead of me on Mountain Chief, with only 1 set of tracks coming down

Ski032911 038.JPG


The goods almost looks too good to spoil


Ski032911 041.JPG


The other side looks nice too

Ski032911 042.JPG


no, it is NOT closed

Ski032911 049.JPG


a few folks give it a try

Ski032911 050.JPG


and decide to take the lift back up for another

Ski032911 052.JPG


and just when I thought it was a private resort, others come along

Ski032911 055.JPG

Ski032911 056.JPG

Ski032911 057.JPG


not the best time to lose a ski, but at least all his powder day friends are helping

Ski032911 061.JPG


I hooked up with ski-ra after he made it through some I-70 traffic.



Bottom of Spaulding Bowl

Ski032911 063c.JPG


Cornice Chute (1 down from Patrol Chute)

Ski032911 065.JPG


Ski032911 070.JPG


I'll try on the video after dinner

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