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2010/2011 Salomon Shogun

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Title:  Review: 2010/2011 Salomon Shogun (Mounted with Head Mojo 12 bindings)



Length/size Tested: 173

Dimensions:   /    /

Camber: Camber underfoot - Rocker Tip


Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review:  Sunshine Village & Lake Louise (Banff Alberta) & Big White British Columbia

*Runs Taken:  Didn't count - 4 days worth of leg burning deliciousness.

*Snow Conditions:  A bit of everything - with the exception of bottomless pow

*Demo or Purchase: Demo – then Purchase


Summary (inc. Strengths & Weaknesses):


I absolutely, positively, truthfully LOVE this ski. 


I even told it that after a day at Big White, to which my wife replied, "aww, I love you too.  Oh, you were talking to the ski weren't you?"


I rented the ski at Sunshine Village for the day about a month ago – overall I had a lot of fun on it, however felt a little bit unbalanced on it for most of the day.  At the end of the day, I had figured out that it was just my own stance.  I’m used to “driving” my Head Monsters with a lot of toe pressure and the shins on the front of the boots.  The Shoguns didn’t like this, presumably due to the rocker tips.  Once I was in a more neutral/balanced stance, they were much happier skis.  Skied a lot of not-quite-hard-not-quite-soft snow this day.  Didn’t find any moguls, or real fresh lines, a few turns in the trees were a blast, and a couple steep pitches were easily handled.


After a couple more rentals (Rossi S3 and Blizzard Titan Atlas) neither of which I liked enough to buy (really didn’t like the Atlas, Loved the S3 in pow, but not on hardpack), I decided to purchase the Shogun. 


Skied Lake Louise in a MOSTLY hardpack day, trees, moguls, and about 4 fresh & soft turns off of Whitehorn 1.  These skis slayed anything I could find.  They’re quick to whip around in the trees, float very well (compared to my Monsters) in the soft snow, and absolutely BLAST through any type of crud. 


Now I took them out to Big White in BC for a weekend ski trip.  No hardpack to speak of… soft snow everywhere.  Not exactly bottomless, but I could bury my ski pole a good 8 inches in the SunRype Bowl if I wanted to.  This is REALLY where I’ve fallen in absolute love with my Shoguns.  I find them light and easy to turn, but absolutely LOVE speed. 


Soft Groomed runs, they really want to just rip down as fast (or faster) than you’re comfortable.  I’m not a racer, and have absolutely no delusions of such (especially after skiing with the folks I was with – all of whom WERE racers), but they really hold an edge, and just rip.


Moguls, I’m actually surprised here, they’re more than adequete.  Again I’m not a great skier, I’m sure the lines I took down the moguls weren’t exactly zipper line, or pretty, or fast, but the Shoguns held an edge on the hard/icy skied off moguls, just as well if not better than I could expect..  The waist width (99mm @ 173 length) was a complete non-issue here.


Alpine softies, WOW.  Here’s where the Shoguns wanted to be.  All I can say is that, while I may not be the best skier out there, I felt like a million bucks in that bowl.  I was able to rip it from top to bottom in one beautiful linked line.  The first time EVER that I’ve been able to chase that glorious feeling of float/surf for more than a couple turns.  I was in absolute bliss in this bowl.


The only gripe: on Cat-track, hard packed as it got, I found the tips to be a bit… grabby.  Now, I’m almost certain that this isn’t really a function of the ski, but rather a function of the following:


Sharp edges should’ve been detuned (I did tune before Big-White, .5 base/2 side – tip to tail [just about]).  No gummy stone at home, so I left the rockered bit sharp.  I suspect it would be less grabby had I dulled it a bit.


A tired skier is a lazy skier.  Getting tired, I know that I was more than likely slumped over – shoulders ahead of knees & feet.





Tester Info:

Age: 25

Height/Weight:  5'8" / 170#

Average days on snow: 25ish

Years Skiing: 6-15

Skis in your Quiver:  173 Salomon Shoguns & 172 Head Monster 82s


Aggressiveness: Fairly Aggressive.






SierraJim:  Thanks so much for recommending these.  Love em.

Trekchick:  Again, thanks for your offer from StartHaus - too bad us Canadian's get ripped off on duties and shipping :(

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Thought I'd add a couple of the pictures from Big White for the fun of it.









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My daughter rented a pair at SSV last Friday after the big dump. She skied some Rossi "all mountain" crap skis the few days prior. Got on these and floated on the remaining pow, blasted through/over the push piles and effortlessly carved on the piste. She was kicking her old man's butt on every run!


She's 16, roughly 140# and used the 164's. She has her eyes on the women's version (don't know the name).


Here she is off the Continental Divide lift:



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nogophers - your daughter's looking for the Geisha.


Supposedly exactly the same ski as the Shogun, except for the topsheet.  I just figured out as well, the topsheets (not skis) are changing for 2012.  If you can find a shop with the 2010/2011's in stock, you might be able to wiggle a good deal outta them...


2010/2011 Shogun




2010/2011 Geisha







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Thanks Brendon. You're right, at the 164 length, exactly the same dimensions. I imagine the centerline mount for bindings is slightly different.

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