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I just bought these boots, used them once, and realized that I need the money more than I need new boots. These boots can be custom fit, I have not had them fitted yet. They are yours for $350 plus $20 shipping.

Your all terrain sking partner for optimal control!

Flexindex: 90

Canting Simple: The Canting allows alignment of the cuff to the skier's lower leg shape. The lateral insert, Canting & Canting lock ensure no transmission loss between cuff & shell

CustomFit: Customized comfort, CustomFit Foam in the foot envelopment and tongue area

4 Micro aluminum buckles - Fine tunes the buckle closure by truning the part that grips the buckle teeth

1st tooth catch - The red tooth on the buckle tooth adjustment that allows an easy closing of the buckle

3D buckle - This yellow buckle personalizes the closure angle of the instep buckle dependin gon the individual foot shape. Envelopment is optimised and the foot is perfectly held in the chassis for increased control.

Standard Custom Sole - The software factory fitted sole allows the skier to work the chassis for a more sensitive feeling & the enhanced ability to vary the turn radius.

Advanced Chassis Technology - Optimisantion of the lower part of the shell:
- Unique internal profile, thickness & material to increase transmission & sensitivity
- Elevated foot position for better leverage & maximum edge angle.

Cabonlink - A rigid carbon arm forming a direct link between the top of the cuff and lower shell for rigid rear support without altering the natural flex.

Sensifit - A software material over the instep for improved envelopment and easier step-in

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