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Build own Monoski

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Hi snow addicts out there,

I wonder what it takes to build your own monoski.
I thought about try monoskiing for a long time now and decided it's time to actually do it when the next season comes around. I tried renting one, which is almost impossible (at least in Austria, where I've been). So I figured there are two options left: buy or build

Are there any recommended sellers in Germany? Do you have any tips what to look for?

I found a pair of bindings in my basement so I thought I might build a monoski myself. Do you have any tips for that? Is it recommended at all? What kind of board would I use? How do I best adapt and mount the bindings?

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Hope you enjoyed the winter
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Welcome to EpicSki.


To help those that might give you a hand, what are you calling a monoski?  (There are two definitions.)


Number 1:




or Number 2:  (Based on your original post I'm thinking this is the correct one.)




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oh, thanks for the hint.
Yes, number 2.
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