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Interesting review because that wasn't my impression of the ski at my 165 lb weight.  It's not as hard to ski as something like the XXL, but it was more work than the other popular big skis these days (Katana, Shiro, Super 7, Bentchetler, BibbyPro, DPS 112rp, Obsethed, etc.)



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Well, I am 215lb with no gear and only skied the shorter 186 after a week consecutive on the MS 195s.   I also, don't have the experience you do on the newer rockered shapes that you mentioned.  So my frame of reference is limited. 


 I would probably feel different if I got on the DPS or the like.   I did find the Shaman to be real easy to turn and get on top of the snow,  but they lacked the lively pop and power of the Bode.  


As a layman reviewer I only have my MS, 185 Atlas, and a few pairs of skinny rock skis in the mix.  


Compared to the guys who demo skis for a living,  my only point of reference for most readers is probably my size and the reference to the Motherships which are the best skis I owned.  


I thought about buying a pair of the pristine Demo 192 BigDumps at Alta, but balked because of the overlap with the Moships.


For me, the Bodacious at 186 were complaint in the trees, though I wouldn't call em slarvy - punchy with plenty of float would be a better description.

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Just thought I'd add my ten pence worth.



200 lbs (in gear)

43 years old

Skiing 10 years

Advanced/ Expert (depending on your POV)

120+ days per year


I moved totally to Blizzard this year (who do not put shitty white or multi coloured bases on big mountain skis) as I was so impressed by the Cochise last year.


Bonafide 187 cm (98mm underfoot)


This is my everyday ski, it does everything with aplomb. I have about 45-50 days on this ski this season. It is easy to ski in bumps at any speed, easy to turn in the trees, deals with powder with ease. It might have a top speed but I have not found it yet. I run a slightly crazy edge angle (1 base/ 3 side) and de-tune the low rise tip and tail. When I want grip it grips and when I want to slide it or drift it it does exactly that. The camber underfoot and the strength of the ski means it acts like a proper ski laterally but has a decent bend longitudinally. This ski has lots of pop, load it up and it will let you spring into the next turn. This ski requires a little more precision than the Cochise and the sweet spot gets more precise as the speeds come up.


Cochise 193 cm (108mm underfoot)


This is my powder ski, it is flat under foot so it is actually easier to ski than the Bonafide except for the slight extra leverage on the knees on hard snow days on the way to and from the good stuff. There is no speed limit. It bites and carves when you want it to and you can slide it around like a go-kart on a skid pan when you need to really get moving in the tight trees or anywhere narrow. It has a pretty forgiving sweet spot but rewards an attacking skier. It is fun to watch the tips float up in powder and feel very light in 10 cm or more. This is the most fun ski I have ever been on.


I like the low rise tails which are flat so that one can actually bury the tails or cut for lost skis after a crash. They are also easier to fit with skins for slacking/ backing.


Just for contrast info I now have the Magnum 8.0 Ti 172cm as my short/ narrow ski for hard snow days and lower level students. Don't really spend that many days on them as the Bonafide is so much fun. Old quiver used to be Supershape Speed 172cm, Head John 180cm and Prior Overlord 187 cm.


The only hard decision I have to make each pow day is that the Bonafide is so capable that I 'hum and hah' about whether to take the Cochises out unless there is a serious amount of new snow (20+ cm).


I cannot conceive of an advanced to expert skier not liking the Bonafides unless they are really anti early rise tip and tail.


Hope that helps.

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Now 195-200 lbs butt nek'id

Not quite old as dirt, but getting there

Skiing: a long time

Expert (depending on your POV and my state of mind)

55+ days per year


  So the 186 Bodacious has been my big ski for the past two seasons. IMHO for 190lbs +, the big B is a very versatile off piste ski for during a storm cycle and the handful of days just afterward when it's full  on deep crud busting mode. I've ridden a bunch of bigger skis, but once you start adding metal, many of them start the southward trajectory from 'powerful' to 'planky'... Speaking only for myself, the big B* is probably the smoothest flat out serious crud buster around without suffering from the aforementioned dead lumber syndrome. For heavier skiers, the 186 will pivot or arc smoothly in shorter radius turns. Sure, fitness is rewarded, but simply stand on it in the front seat and it'll deliver. Yes, you can pull the plug quickly 'stop' mode as advertised, but where it's the most fun is just large arcs in new snow. Wind buffed, soft, wet, deep, shallow, it doesn't make a bit of difference. It' very easy to break and arc and drift with absolute control at speed if a line needs to be adjusted, but that's what a 'big mountain' ski is supposed to do. Bottom line, it is what it's advertised to be... a fabulous, powerful platform to work from that can adjust both sights and attitudes. I'm always amazed that I don't see more on the hill. Unfortunately, it seems to be labelled with a 'burlier than thou' moniker that doesn't really reflect the range of capabilities of the ski. Certainly not a daily driver for the lower 48 and most of us, but a great addition to the fat side of a quiver for, as I believe Sierra Jim once said, "those days".



* Bonafide is the little 'b'

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Isn't this Bodacious?

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Wow that^^^ looks fun.

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Yep, that was the Bodacious, V 1.0 graphic. And I have to say though generally bery tired of POV vid, that was raucous fun!

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