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Dalbello Axion 8 vs Voodoo

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Have an opportunity to get either of these boots from a local shop at great end of year pricing.


Narrowed my choices to Axoin 8 or Voodoo.

I'm currently on Salomon X-Wave 8 boots and ski on Salomon Pilot Scream 10 Hot skis.

I'm an all mountain rider, no park stuff, but like the bumps and some old school jumping.


X-Wave 8's were a good boot, but hurt my feet so bad I had to get new boots.


I'm also teaching my 4yr old to ski now, so spending alot of time snowplow with a leash attached etc.


Both boots fit very well.  I liked the heel lift of the Axoin 8's, but the Voodoo's were a tad more comfortable.


Any suggestions?

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Did the shop do a shell fit to make sure the length and width are correct?  Your current boots are a 100mm last and the Dalbellos are both 103mm last.  If your foot is a D width, those Dalbellos are too wide and your foot will start slopping around in no time at all.  Go to the Ask the Boot Guys forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology and check the list of boot fitters to see if there is one near you.  I can tell you from sad experience that buying boots on the basis of price is a very bad idea.  I wasted a lot of money doing that and always wondered why the hot new skis I got never really performed like I thought they should.  My feet always hurt and were almost always cold.  When I finally got boots that fit, my skiing improved dramatically within the first hour of skiing them.  I could finally control my skis.  And my feet didn't hurt.


And please do yourself and your 4 y.o a favor and get him/her with a professional instructor.  You'll end up with a much better relationship with your child.


Welcome to EpicSki too.

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I can't recall the details of the measurements.  

My Xwave 8's create a burning  pain on the bottoms of my feet.  They also feel as if arc support is in the wrong place.  I had them fitted a number of times with a very good boot fitter, and they never were right. 

The Dalbello's fit fantastic.. no longer that arch support awkwardness or pain.

I really liked the voodoo, just concerned that the freetstyle boot is too soft for more aggressive skiing.  Won't have an oppurtuniity to ski on either model this year though, but it would be nice to save the 50% if they are the right boot.  Fit wise, they feel great.

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The Axion is not a stiff boot, flex index is 80-90 according to Dalbello.  The flex of the Voodoo is "variable."  Every boot I ever bought, except the one I'm now using, were comfy in the store.

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