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Back At It After 20 Years !

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So after leaving the world of skiing I am back into it. Male age 48, 5'9", 170. My buddy that I skied with a lot in High School finally shamed me into it. Purchased a pair of Magnum 7.6. Took a private lesson to transition to shape skis, have been up to Saddleback Maine a few times, and have skied the wider expert trails, Supervisor and Tightline without any trouble. I sort of under estimated my abilities I guess. I'm not aggressive, and like the cruising the groomers more. The speed will come with more confidence and experience, but all is well !


So to my question. I feel like I am over skiing the 7.6's. I want to ski a bit faster, but the skis, as great as they are, seem to get a little unstable on me. I looking seriously at the Supersonics, but wonder on the other hand if this is too much ski, or will my abilities increase to fit it well?  I have a line on a pair (size 167) at a good price and figured I would get them even though the season is winding down.


Are they THAT much more aggressive and different a ski?


Any thoughts ?  Suggestions ?  Questions ?


Thanks for your help,


Pale Ale  (my first post)

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To begin with, Welcome!


Modern shaped ski's overall or much more unstable to speed and going straight. You might want to wait off for the rest of this season, ski a bit more and maybe decide what your looking for in a ski. Come next year some new products will be out and you might be able to find what you want.

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Hey Pale Ale, I started the season on the Magnum 7.6 and have to agree, they are easily overpowered and not an overwhelmingly stable ski on typical NE terrain at speed.  That said, they are a blast in softer snow and the bumps, super quick turning, and extremely forgiving.  I jumped up a pretty big step to the Kastle MX78 and while they are truly a blast to ski on, they aren't the most forgiving, and I found them a bit stiff for my size, weight and ability in the bumps.  Definitely a ski for me to grow into and ultimately a great NE one ski quiver if you're a level 7 or higher.


I dont know much about the Supersonics but would offer up that skis like the Sultan 85 or Rossi S86 both of which I skied this season (I own the S 86) would be more stable than the 7.6s and well suited for just about anything you could throw at them in the NE.  I found both skis to be forgiving, very stable on ice and at decent speed, capable of handling bumps fairly well with the edge going to the S86 (my opinion), and in general a very solid choice as an all mountain NE ski.  There is a wealth of information on the Sultan 85s on this site.  Not as much on the S86.  I found the S86s to ski very similarly to the Sultan 85s but with a bit more life. 


There is a ton of information on this site, so check out the many reviews in particular by SierraJim and Dawgcatching, and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.  Good luck and welcome.

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Thanks for the responses,


I have been pouring over reviews online, and here on Epic. There are a few nice reviews of the Supersonics that have been helpful. I'm looking forward to more input from members on this ...

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The Supersonic is my favorite frontside ski. Even over the Kastle RXeek.gif . It is lively and playfull,  I just like it's feel.  icon14.gif

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Thanks Rossi. Haaa I still have my Rossi Stratos in a 195cm. The silver ones, not the older brown ones ...



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This is more or less standard advise around here, but here it goes...

What kind of boots are you using? Do they fit right? If you pulled your old boots out of the garage, they're probably not up to the task of controlling modern skis at high speed.

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by unstable? Are the edges hooking and throwing you? Do they chatter? Flop around? Not have directional stability? (This one is weird for old timers to get used to. With modern base bevels, when the skis are flat on the snow, they won't track straight.)

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I dove in with all new gear. Boots are Atomic Hawk 80, and although not the stiffest or most conforming, I do like them. I was given the advice that when flat the skis will get a bit loose, so yes, I will keep them a little on edge when heading straight.     Where I find my issue is making bigger GS style turns where things just don't feel stable. Sounds simple, but that is my best explanation.

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Neither the 7.6 or the Supersonic are really designed for "making bigger GS style turns," if you make them at anything approaching GS speeds. Also the 167 Supersonic for 170 lbs at speed will not be dramatically more planted than the 7.6. Instead suggest this: 1) Calm down with the buy-new-gear fever until your back-to-skiing curve has stabilized a bit. Stick with the 7.6's, which are respected skis, and take some lessons. Odds are that you're skiing them too flat, so they get feeling sloppy at higher speeds or when impacting stuff. When you can show the underside of your skis to people uphill from you, you're getting nice early initiation and good angle. Seriously; this is the pilot not the plane. The fact that you can ski a run "without trouble" has very little relationship to your real ability. I can get down down double blacks without drama. That in no way makes me an expert. For that matter, each resort's system of grading runs is relative to that resort and to conditions. I've skied blacks in local areas when it's snowed recently that would barely qualify as blue at Jackson Hole. 2) For a single ski quiver for Maine, you're going the wrong direction. It actually snows there. Think about a slightly fatter and beefier ski like the Blizzard 8.1 or Fischer Motive 84 if you like lively, or the new Head Peak 84 or Sultan 85 if you like damper. (Or the MX78 is the best out there if you're willing to break the piggy bank.) There will be good deals on all of these next September, although "good" is always relative to the MSRP. 

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Hey Beyond, thanks for typing that. It's what I was thinking, but couldn't figure out how to say clearly. I feel like I've adapted pretty well to modern skis, and I haven't been on a ski with a radius under 18m which felt stable at high speed. I'll admit that I haven't been on too many skis, so there very well may be some smaller radius skis that you can take to mach 10. For instance, the DPS Wailer 112rp is supposed to be stable at high speeds and has a radius of 16m, but I've never even seen those skis in person.

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Thanks guys, very good points. I need to relax and have a beer I think ...




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