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Too many skis in the garage – time to clean them out. I’ve tried to make my prices low (dirt cheap) for real skiers (people who’ve already spent all their money on skis, gas, lift tickets and beer…but need a new set of boards!). Shipping must be added to all skis – I’m guestimating $20 to anywhere in North America. Also I can provide digital email photos to anyone who’s interested.

K2 MERLIN VI 188cm Tops in nice cosmetic shape (with very minor scratches); bases are very clean. Dimensions: 93-63-84. These skis are in astoundingly good shape, only mildly skied over a few seasons. Bright yellow color, and those weird little red LED’s actually light up and work on these skis! Bindings are Rossignol 110FX, set on top of Carving/STM X-PERT risers – which, thanks to an 18mm base, theoretically allow energy to be transferred across the ski for more precise control, and for some shock absorbing capabilities. This is a classic GS race-style ski; light and maneuverable and very fast on groomed or hard snow; likes to be skied fast. A few years back the editors of SKI Mag said "this is possibly the most versatile high-end ski ever made." That’s the good news. The bad news is: this ski really isn’t happy in crud or deep powder. Price: $50.00.

K2 X15’s 188 cm topsheets scratched, minor scrapes on bases, no P-Tex. Bindings are Salomon Drivers, set on Salomon Synchro-C Rental adjustable bindings. Dimensions: 104-69-91. A good all-mountain ski for Intermediate/moderately Advanced skiers; handles crud and powder nicely. If it has a defect, it’s that it’s a little long and heavy for jumping and aerials. But, hey, what ski is perfect? Skis have had moderate to heavy usage but still perform nicely in heavy West Coast snow. Price: $25.00

SALOMON 9100 EXPERT "DEMONSTRATION" skis 183 cm. (or "PR 4") Skis have minor scratching on top, bases are in excellent shape. Bindings are Salomon Equipe 997’s, set on Salomon Synchro-C Rental (adjustable) mounts. These skis are mildly "shaped" – they date back a decade, to when the first "shape" skis were just coming in – but they handle beautiful in a variety of snow conditions for an advanced to expert skier. Price: $25.00

ELAN DRC (Dual Reflex Cap) Skis 183 cm. Minor scratches on top, bases have minor scratching and one gouge but are in generally good shape. Bindings are Salomon 557’s. These traditionally shaped skis are lightweight and remarkably easy to turn; they were originally designed for women (not men); they do a little better on groomed than in crud, but they’re a good all-mountain ski…for someone on a limited budget who wants a ‘traditionally’ shaped ski that handles smoothly. Price: $25.00

SALOMON SUPERFORCE 2S – Length PR8 – approx 203 cm – NO bindings – tops have slight scratches, bases have slight scratches with one spot of P-Tex. These are Salomons classic all-mountain skis from the pre-shaped-ski revolution – and from the days when people used to ski lonnnngggg skis….fasssst. Haven’t skied them for years, but they used to feel fast, zippy and have tons of the famous Salomon ‘rebound’ energy – and they actually skied bumps decently (in spite of the length). These are classic ‘old-school’ skis – both in terms of looks (blue tops with fake spots of water on them) and style and length…in fact, they’re so ‘classic’, they probably should be in a museum. Price: $10.00

Let me know if you’re interested.
I check postings here but the best way to get me fast is on my email – – I’m open to offers (!).

-- Miguel