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NTN System for Pinheads

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Now that this system has been out for about 5 years, what do folks who have skied it think?


What boots were you using with them? What type of skiing (BC, Resort), etc.?


NTN Bindings from Rottefella.jpg

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They've been out for 4 seasons and I'm in my 4th season on them (early adopter).  I do about 90% of my skiing on NTN, mostly in bounds, but I'm not adverse to taking them for a tour*.  


I love them - I sold my last 75mm set up a while back.  I've got NTNs on three sets of skis.  The ease of entry and getting out, the release, the brakes all rock.  They aren't the lightest bindings - but the boots are a lot lighter than any 75mm boots so it comes out ahead of any release tele binding with free-pivot touring.  I'm hoping that the rumored touring version (lighter) will be out soon.  


But they ski great.  You can rail turns and rear foot control is unexcelled.  You can parallel the hell out of them too.  They favor a tight tele stance - you have to drive the cuff of the boot as opposed to bending your foot.  A spread out tele stance just won't work.  


The main drawback is that the free-pivot range is a bit limited.  I curse it a little on steep uptracks in powder with switchbacks - the snap kickturns on steeps kind of suck.  But for most tours it works just fine.  


I'm using the Scarpa TX Pro boot for the fit and tourability (the TX Comp is stiffer, but doesn't have a tour mode for the cuff, though next year it will).  


* I generally use Dynafits for touring (especially big days) because they are so much lighter than any other binding.  But my heart's with tele.  

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Thanks for the report Bob!

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