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This is my first ever ski review so be understanding plz...Profile advanced all mtn. western skiier/snowboarder..former ski patroller ..5'7 175lbs...skied like forever..favorite terrain is powder...shutes and trees glades etc...

Skiis 2011 VOLKL KATANA  176cm...snow conditions varaiable, from mid calf powder to skiff the next day...chopped crud, crusted over soft and hard groomers...I was really lucky to have almost every condition possible when I skied over 4days on these skies....OK here goes.. put these on my feet and thought woa! are these things huge coming off my Xwing tornados...not so much length but widith.. I was just not used skiing down to the lift on rather soft groom, they felt wide but turned rather easy, better with speed...I headed up high, finding boot top pow and these skiis took off like saying ok now Im happy! easy to turn... floated through powder like a dream!...I was smiling so big!.. so headed into the trees in about same pow conditions, some places up to my knees...I thought ok lets see if these can turn in the tight stuff...the answer>>oh ya!!...I killed the trees!! These skis popped about and turned so easy in the trees I was actually laughing to myself...dumped out onto chopped up powder and again with a bit o speed I cruised through this stuff no problem the katana's felt stable and day temps changed,  I went and did groomers from soft to fairly hard...I found speed the key I could let them fly and crank hard turns pretty darn easy if I pushed them...still no a big issue...the harder the snow or on patchy ice they where clearly not happy, but still speed limit I could soon as I would hit anything soft i could feel the skiis change and say aaahhhaa!...Yes they love the soft stuff...I skiied soft small bumps they turned easy not so much in bigger hard ones but I expected that...over the days the steeps got iced over crud which nobody likes but I had to try...well I hate those conditions but the Katana's held it together way better than I expected...I would deek in and out of  the trees to avoid the really horrble stuff and they where way better to me..The groomers that day where hard and so decided to just go steep and see how they do..hell not bad again...defenitly not like 80cm mid skiies but push em and go hard they turned easy for me anyway...slushy at the bottom where fine as well...So overall impression= big smile!.. liked em so much and had so much fun!.. I was so surprised at how well these skis could handle everything I threw at them...A one quiver ski?...Perhaps? If u spend most of your time on soft upper Mtn snow then oh ya!...Still very skiable in all conditions...well thats all I got for you...go have fun everyone!