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Hours per day, days per week?

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I am wondering how many hours/day people ski and how many days per week you're are able to do that physically.


i ski twice a week this season and it is three hours away but at sea level.  I notice that my inlaws and friends who live at higher altitude near Denver are able to go longer and more days in a row than I am able.  And I guess this is expected.


Still they dont ski as often as I do but still ski me into the ground when we ski togehter out there.


I had a cuz who lived at Vail and had a biz on the mountain so she would ski everyday but I noticed that they wouldnt ski all day by any means. 


So I have a few questions. 


  • IIf you are a tourist from low elevation, how much do you actually ski when you take a week in the high elevation mountains as in Colorado?  Hours/day? days per week?
  • If you live at higher elevation how much are you able to ski in a day and how many days in a row do you ski if you were to push it for a week on vacation?
  • If you live at a resort, and work there, how much do you ski in a day and how often are you able to do that physically? 
  • And, besides the physical aspect, if you live and work at a resort, how often are you able to ski?  Alll day ever? how often?



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I live 20 minutes from the resort so I can go pretty much any day I have available.  This season I've gone about 3-5 times per week for a total of 60 days so far.  If I'm on my skis I can pretty much go all day without getting too sore.  If I'm on my snowboard I can go around five hours before I get too sloppy and dangerous.  I work Tuesday-Thursday and sometimes Friday so I can ski/ride outside of those times.


What helps my stamina, besides just having basic physical fitness, is taking a few SportLegs capsules beforehand and using compression afterward for recovery.

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Currently live at 500' ele and travel to 5,000' ele to ski about 4-5 hours before burning out.  Do that about twice a month.  I'm not quite 50 now.


Before that I lived in flatlands and traveled to the rockies on weekend or week long trips.  Walking through the lot with my gear was usually sufficient to acclimate my lungs enough to ski about 5 hours on the first day and wire to wire subsequent days,  I did that in my 20s and 30s about three times a year with some Eastern skiing NY and VT mixed in with that.


Previous to that I lived in MN and skied a 300' dump wire to wire (after school on weekdays) 6-7 days a week.  Did from about age 16-18.  Skied about twice a week age 12-15..


I really feel the effects of high elevation 5,000' + when I arrive, but usually do fine while actually skiing. It's the stomping around with gear that bogs me down most. 

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It depends on what type of skier you are and what you tend to ski (Bumps and woods take far more energy than groomed cruisers).


This season I have skied (thusfar) 39 days, averaging between 4-5 hours per day normally on weekdays (when you can get FAR more runs in).

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 I live at sea level. never feel any problem with elevation.  I skied for a week stragiht in Tahoe which is a pretty high elevation.  However, I also work out a bunch and play racquetball to keep my cardio up

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I ski for most of the day, every day. Somedays when it's good I'll teach for 8 hours, then ski for myself for another 2 or 3. It's possible to ski for about 13 hours here, but I've never done without stopping. When I am not working I'll generally ski for 6/7 hours or so  Altitude isn't an issue, because here is very low (base station is 250m above sea level), but when I lived in Colorado, I'd do the same (minus night skiing obviously). In terms of days off snow, I tend to have them when I get injured or burnt out. In NZ I tend to have more days off because the conditions aren't so good and it's more of a hassle to get to the mountain.

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Spend 2 weeks each month at my condo in Killington Vermont and 3 weeks in February in Colorado.  I ski Monday thru Friday at Killington (I have a midweek pass)  and every day but Saturday when in Colorado.  Try to get going by 9 or shortly after and quit around 3:30 or so with a 45 minute lunch break.  Take it easy the first few days in Colorado to adjust to the altitude but the rest of the time I'm skiing advanced to expert terrain.  I turn 65 next month by the way. 

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I typically ski in Northern Minnesota and its a couple hour drive for me, so I ski wire to wire once or twice a week.  I made my first trip to Big White In BC last month and I did notice the first couple days I was sucking wind.  The runs are so much longer than I was used to I had to stop on the way down.  I skied for 7 days wire to wire (lost half a day for fog).  26 days for far! 

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Good Job JIMH. Those are full days.

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I ski 5-6 days a week usually bell 2 bell.  I teach most of the time and that is far less intense than my free skiing days, although I teach levels 7-9 and spend most of those days off-piste.  I could almost ski everyday, but think I might start to break down after a bit if I had hard charging guests.  If they were the same people day after day I would probably outlast and out-ski almost anyone who came here on an airplane.  Unfortunately I tend to get new people with fresh legs every couple of days.  During Christmas rush I worked 23 days in a row and did fine, but I didn't mind sitting on my butt for a day when it was over.  I'm a bit run down right now.  I think I caught the crud from one of my students yesterday.  I'm coming off of a 19 day run for spring break.  This season looks like it will end with about 450 teaching hours, 108 training hours, 8 patrol shifts, and a few dozen free skiing days.


This has been my best season in 21 years of JH skiing.  Great guests and very consistent snow!

I'm 48 YO.

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Youre all amazing.  I have to change my workout intensity or frequency or something.....darn...I have to figure a way to be out west enough to effect my capacity.

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Something I point out to many of my students is that efficient skiing take less energy, so a full day for me is less work than an hour for a first timer. That, and I'm built like a running back, so I can go 8 hours/7 days when the opportunity comes up. Unless I'm not resort skiing. I can still do 8 hours a day of climbing, but I most definitely do feel it then.

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