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Tendon Pain

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Figure most beginners might end up with this at some point and time so I figure I'd see what others might have to say about it.  It seems that the outside leg tendon up from the ankle between mid calf tends to get tender when I'm getting worn out.  I'm a lowlander who moved up to Colorado.  Almost feels like shin splints and clears up after some rest.  Is this a boot problem cause when it gets going walking in the boots just plain sucks.


I've got big feet, but skinny ankles, and had to have my Solomon's widened at the toe box, but I almost feel like I need to wrap my ankle so it sits better while walking.  Heel stays put when skiing and moving around minus walking.  Still looking for a doc in the area to get a real evaluation, but just fishing for ideas/solutions in case the doc says it's the boot.

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Corey, I'm moving this from the Beginner forum to the Bootfitters where you will likely get a better answer.  The boot guys are more familiar with anatomical and fit issues. 

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Sounds like you are talking about your anterior tibialus muscle which is used to dorsiflex your foot is the culprit?  This is a very important muscle used in skiing to recover forward or pull your hips forward to remain in balance.  It is generally underused in everyday life so tends to get tired quickly by newer skiers or early season sessions until it is more developed.


Another cause could be your boots are too big/loose which is allowing your foot to slide forward and create a need to constantly try to re-center yourself thus firing this muscle in your legs.  Here the solution will be a properly fitted boot with appropriate internal angles set up for your morphology!


Good luck!


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Thanks Bud!  I had gone this weekend and really did not have an issue with that pain,  now my calves just got tired, so more cardio work for me it seems.  My foot stays put when skiing.


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