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AT Boot Review: Scarpa Maestrale

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I really got into touring this year. I spent some time touring in alpine boots and that sucked big time, blisters every day. So I opted to get a pair of touring boots. To start I got a pair of Garmont Adrenalin boots that fit well and skied nice for DH, while they were better than the alpine setup, they still left me hobbling with blisters on the skin track.


Where I live in the bear river and bear lake mts the tours are typically long approach with a mile or two traversing long drainage basins and FS roads before you get to climbing to your line. The skiing is generally 30-35* avy terrain, but not super intimidating runs. 


After the bad experience with the Adrenalin, I thought abotu what I wanted to do. I love touring and the endorphins from a long day climbing mountains. But I would have to either get a setup that let me skin pain free or give up touring entirely. 


I decided to get a dynafit compatible boot so that I could ditch the fritschi franken-stride and hopefully get a lighter more tour-able setup.


I picked the Maestrale based on Lee Lau's review form wildsnow.com. I read about the light weight, great Range of motion on the ankle, premium liner, and that they didn't ski too bad. Basically it seemed like the most feature packed boot available for all day type tours.


Anyway, Now I have been out touring on the boots for 6 days with 1 resort day, I can say that its the best touring experience I have had. They boots skin great. The increased ROM is much better than the Adrenalin. The liner is warm and super comfy and I have been blister free since day one. These boots saved to sport for me. The fact that they weigh 2lbs less and are a bit stiffer and ski better than the Adrenalin is merely a bonus.

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I have also been quite happy with my Maestrales.  I came from Garmont Megarides, which I found to ski well and hike well (I mostly ski powder so a stiff boot is unnecessary), but the toe box was just a little too narrow.  The Maestrale fit is much better, although it seems like they are slightly roomy, but otherwise fit true to their listed Mondo point.  I have not yet thermomolded them, as they fit snug enough for me with a medium weight sock.  The taller cuffs definitely make them more powerful than the Megarides, and the walk mode is ridiculous- so much range you will forget you are wearing ski boots.  My only gripe is that they are a bit more of a pain to get into than most boots I have used- I usually throw em into walk mode to get in.  Otherwise, nothing but good things to say.  Powerful enough for resort skiing, but light for maximum powder lapping in the backcountry. 

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