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Mammoth in late April

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I'll be in Southern California in late April and I will have the opportunity to get up to Mammoth for a day or two.   A few questions:


  • Will the skiing be decent?


  • Should I stay slopeside, or are there other places to stay nearby?


  • Are there places to stay approximately half-way?  This is for my trip back.  


  • How many hours to allow to drive to/from LAX?


  • Is it cheaper to buy tickets/rent skis on-line, or is it the same price at the mountain?


Many thanks,

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Skiing should still be phenomenal. Can't guarantee it won't be full-on spring conditions and possibly slushy on the lower portions, but they have so much snow in just the past week it's ridiculous.


There are ample places to stay in Mammoth Lakes with a great shuttle system, so if you are looking to save some $$$, it's a fine way to go.


Halfway back to LAX?? You could stay in a few smaller towns but the lodging might be suspect. You could stay in Lancaster/Palmdale but if you get that far, you might as well make the extra hour+ and get to LAX.


Drive to LAX is 5-7 hours. Depends on what time you leave LAX. The 405 is a bugger!  My husband works right next to LAX and we left there at 3pm on a Thursday and it added about an hour to our drive.


I don't think it's cheaper to rent online. You can rent at the Main Lodge which is right on the mountain. Very convenient especially if you are demoing skis.



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That was very, very helpful, thank you.  


Lodging midday has to do to with having a relatively early flight home (10:30A)  I know I won't be able drive all the way back to LAX after skiing, so I need to place to crash half-way or 2/3 of the way back.  So long as the door locks, and the bedbugs and roaches are not rampant, it will work for me.  

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There aren't a whole lot of towns right off 395 that aren't quite a bit closer to Mammoth than LAX (Lone Pine is about two hours from Mammoth.) So I'd say Lancaster/Palmdale, with a leaning towards Palmdale as it's a little nicer area. That'll get you about 90 minutes from LAX (CAVEAT: Traffic!) If you're flight is on 10:30 on a weekday, you WILL  hit traffic at peak morning rush on the way down. There are a LOT of folks who commute that far into L.A. if you can believe it. The 405 BLOWS! So be prepared. If you are driving back on a Sunday it shouldn't be an issue at all. Saturday probably won't, either. (Did I mention the 405 BLOWS! My husband drives it every day. I avoid it as much as possible.)


I got an email from Mammoth that they are running some lodging specials. The Mammoth Mountain Inn, which I have never stayed at so can't give a yay or nay, is slopeside and next to Main Lodge so it would make your day very simple. The downside is it's isolate from the rest of Mammoth Lakes, but there is a place to eat and down a few beers there (the Yodler--fun place.) I think the Inn also has a restaurant. If you have a car which it sounds like you will, you can venture the 5 miles down the road to the main part of town in the evening if you're so inclined. If you don't care where you rent (meaning you plan to ski the same ski the whole time) and don't care about slopeside, then you have a plethora of options. If you stay at the Shilo Inn, it's right across the street from Footloose Sports, which is a great place to rent/demo, including boots (they have demo boots.) You can then hop a shuttle to the mountain. There are different shuttle lines throughout town that service specific areas, so you'd have to look into where each one goes, but I don't know that there's a better or worse place to start your day (Canyon vs. Main vs. Eagle.) They'll all get you on the hill one way or another :D


Can't believe I'm the only one piping in here! Everyone else must be lucky enough to be up there this weekend.

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I'd stay slopeside at Mammoth Mountain Inn. Check out for lodging and ticket specials. There is a great rental/demo shop at the Main Lodge which is across the parking lot from the Inn. Without rush hour traffic you can make it from Mammoth to LAX in 5 hours driving 70 to 75 miles an hour and taking one or two bathroom, gas, food breaks. Ski tell 3 or 3:30 then drive straight to LAX to spend the night, and you won't have to worry about moring traffic for you flight home. The skiing will be awsome through May this year with all the snow Mammoth has received.

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Hey--Thanks all for your feedback.  I did go to Mammoth on April 30 and it was incredibly good.  It was winter actually.  I stayed at the lodge and rented at the base.  Going home I crashed in Palmdale on the way back to LAX and that worked out just fine.   I suspect I will contrive other excuses to go to California so I can steal some other days there.  

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Fantastic! I hope you got to see some of the drive during the daylight, as it's a really nice drive at least when the Sierra are in view. Glad it all worked out!

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yes, all driving in sunlight.  That was part of the appeal.  

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