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April skiing....Mammoth vs. Alta/Bird

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I had posted earlier on this trip and its gone back and forth.  I have to obviously make a decision ASAP.  The total prices are pretty similar since I am going to use points to stay at the Mammoth Westin if I choose that route.  It will be my 8 year old daugher and me.  She is an intermediate/advanced skier....she can do some blacks but not death defying ones!


A. 4/7-4/11....fly into RNO and rent car and drive to Mammoth.  Three days skiing Mammoth, stay at Westin, drive back to RNO fly home.  Both one stop flights.


B. 4/16-19.....fly into SLC and rent car and drive to Snowbird.  Three days skiing (both Alta/Bird combined ticket), stay at Cliff Lodge, drive back to SLC fly home.  Both direct flights.


I know no one can predict weather (duh) but what trip sounds more appetizing?  I have already been to Alta/Bird a couple of times including back in January 2011.  I am leaning towards Mammoth because of this and also because Alta looks like it is closing for regular operations on the 24th.  Not sure if they will have everything opened a week prior when I am there.  I think I read somewhere that Snowbird closes some of the lifts in April as well.  I also think when it comes to April skiing, earlier is better even though its only a week.  But who knows what the weather will bring?  That being said I do like the MUCH easier drive and direct flights if I choose Alta/Bird.


So what do you guys think?  A or B???????? 



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If you end up choosing Utah, I'll be at Alta Lodge with my 10yo daughter April 14-20.  She's at the age where she likes to ski with other kids.  We are meeting up with friends, but they are all adults.  It's her third trip to Alta.  She skis mostly blues but can do easy blacks with ski school.  We usually ski in the southeast (VA, NC, WV).


I got bluebird days in Utah in Feb, but too early for the powder dumps.  At least I missed the rain!

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I agree with you about earlier being better in April. The past few years Alta/Bird have gotten bombed in early April, but that late is a risk.


The tram is the last lift running at Snowbird, so you don't have to worry that much about lift closures, because you know you'll at least have the best pound-for-pound lift there.


If drive time and flying convenience aren't factors, I'd probably do the Mammoth trip, simply because it's earlier in the month.

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alta: supreme lift closes april 15 but do check with them, but mountain is yours, one can traverse across, ski with an instructor like tom c,and no issue at altabird, snowbird all lifts open till april 24 aas per current sched

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Thanks for the replies.  I ended up booking airfare to RNO and will go with my daughter to Mammoth for the first time.  It looks like sunny and warmer the next week or so.  Who knows....maybe some april snow showers for us!!!


The decision to choose Mammoth over Alta/Bird was a tough one but the two factors were that I have never been there and this winter has been EPIC at Mammoth (well March at least).  I want to see the twenty foot snowdrifts in person!!!!!!!!



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Have fun!

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