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These do NOT compare to many of the photos already posted but....


My first BIG Powder day (hip deep all weekend) where I actually felt confident, in control, and on top of the game:


Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - February 2011  (Standing at top - friend Trisha - on Lookers Left - Wife Kat - on lookers right - Myself)


Faceshots on Silver Lining Kicking Horse.jpg



What at least *felt* like the best skiing I've EVER done


Big White - March 2011





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Vail Village - view from covered bridge



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Mt. Blanc



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Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes


Val Thorens
Val Thorens


Serre Chevalier
Serre Chevalier


Serre Chevalier 2

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Posted by MidwestPete:



^^Great shot. Talk about gnarly.

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Here's the cutest girl at Big Sky, April 9, 2011:

Liitle skier.JPG

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I'll bite...

Colors so intense even the crappy camera of my smart phone could show them:



And one run later:


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Congrats to so many of you for such artistic and high rez photos!


Best I have is this recent going away shot, while I'm doing some of my typical "uninspired" skiing...



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Some racing shots from this years Great Race at Wachusett Mt



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Panorama BC:








RK Heli:









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My wife taking a break at Beaver Creek!100_0052.JPG

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Julia Mancuso 040.JPGJulia Mancuso 010.JPG

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Alpental - Washington State April 9, 2011

Spring skiing under the cliffs...



Alpental Spring Skiing

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Sun Valley, Id.  Exhibition & River Run

Going Old School circa 1970


Sun Valley 1970s_0001.jpg

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Me, finishing up a great day at Snowbird on Upper Cirque (2.22.11).  I've been dying to ski there since 8th grade and I finally made it happen this year.  It was as fun as I had imagined, and it sure as hell won't take me another 20 years to return. 




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The sunny side of Mt. Blanc -- Courmayeur, Italy





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Not a great picture but this is a little over a week and a half ago with my kids in Sun Valley (Dollar Mountain) about 20 minutes before a torn MCL ended my ski season (old people apparently should stay out of terrain parks)





SV wKids.jpg


And from the prior year's trip looking back in the opposite direction:


Baldy View.jpg

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Mt Hood, Feb 2008


Mt Hood sky 2.jpg


Mt Hood sky crop.jpg

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Mt Sanford

Glennallen Snowmobile Trailer



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Ski Texas.jpg


Skiing Texas

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My old ski buddy moved to the hills north of San Antonio last year; it snowed this year, and they all got out their gear, hiked up the street, and skied down.


Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

Ski Texas.jpg


Skiing Texas


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Glennallen Snowmobile Trailer



I did LOL at this one. 


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Lineup of Breck cats - Thanksgiving



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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post


I did LOL at this one. 


You know he must have drove that sled right up there on the roof too! The tie-down straps look like they go to the hood hinges, which would be pretty reasonable, so this was a pretty well thought out plan: the beater Caprice was a lot cheaper than a sled trailer AND a tow vehicle...


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In Davos

chairlift dpp.JPG


erika in the trees.jpg

Winter Park

the start-dpp.JPG

Winter Park

dexter in the gates.jpg


"Self portrait" in the goggles

erika goggles.jpg

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Great pics! I am going to rotate some of these into the homepage feature...

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Tram up the Aiguille du midi                                                                                                                                  Grindelwald, Switzerland tram   

 IMG_5903.JPG   IMG_6748.JPG                                                                                                                                     


Murren, Switzerland - funicular                                                                                                                             Jungfraujoch (just out of the tunnel)


Chamonix, France                                                                   Wengen, Switzerland


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