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liberty skis

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Does anyone know if Liberty skis are "rockered"?  I couldn't find any information on their website about the camber/rocker of their skis.  I would assume the larger width skis have some sort of rocker, but what about the LTE and Morphic? 

Anybody demo or own Liberty skis?  If so, could you comment on them?  I was thinking about purchasing a pair

Thank you




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The helix's and up are now rockered.
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I have the Helix in a 176. I am 5'9" 145 lbs. I really love this ski. I can't give as technical feed back as the insiders but I can say I really have not found a down side to this ski. Carves, floats, great in tight trees. This is a light ski, nimble, and very stable. This is not a stiff ski, medium flex with great rebound. I was looking for Gotamas but I like these so much more. I also tried the prophets 100 and a k2 but the Helix skied the best for me.
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