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Tips on packing a ski bag?

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I'm going to be packing a ski bag and shipping my stuff FedEx from the East Coast to Vail.  I prefer not to have Continental baggage handlers throwing my stuff around.  Anyone have tips for packing a ski bag?  Skis together? Bubble wrap?  Boots in the bag too?  Wrap skis with clothes?  Duct Tape?, Lock?, Etc...  Thanks!

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Stuff the bag with any clothes that you do not mind getting wrinkled.Pay attention to protecting tips,tails, and bindings,these are the most suspect to getting banged up. As far as packing ski gear etc. carry on everything you plan on wearing while skiing  and wear your ski jacket on the plane. If anything gets lost or separated you will have to buy everything new and that would be $$$. If your skis get lost that would suck but at least for the time being you could rent. Hope this helps,   Dave

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If you're really concerned, get a SporTube.  I have two, and love them.

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Just an update....



I picked up a Transpack ski bag.  I'm sure it had a name but I forgot it.  t was an expandable length, double, really padded and durable nylon bag.  I put both skis in flat with the brakes retained, poles along side, boots in shoe bags at each end, ski clothes and my helmet down the middle.  Seemed pretty well packed and protected.


Went to FedEx....came in at 35 lbs, went ground from CT to CO for $54.  Should be there 5 days before me which hopefully is enough time to get lost and found again if it has to.



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