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foot bed to "snug fit"?

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Hey guys,


Two years ago I got a new pair of Nordica Speedmachines 110. 

I had been sized for a 26.5 but they were crushing my two small toes ( I have a fairly normal size feet ) I had taken the pair home and tried wearing them.  Brutal, I even took the liner out and just put that on and walked around a bit and were still to tight.  So we went up to a 27.5 and they have been great.  


But after two full seasons I am using all of the buckle now to keep them tight.  The boot guy had told me that after going up a size they may feel a bit big after using them for a while and I could get new footbeds that would help snug them up again.  Does that sound right? sugggestions?  I really like the boot.





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Generally a footbed is meant to 'fill the voids' and stablize the foot, it can also snug up the boot a bit. Personally I always recommend a support footbed or custom insole right from the start.


In congunction with a thin shim under the support footbed (not the stock insole) or a number of other fitting techneques you will be able to snug them up and get back to the snug fit you like.


How many days of skiing do you have on the boots?

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might help a bit, but odds are you made the wrong call, and should be in the 26 shell.

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I have between 50 & 60 days on the boots and it really wasn't until I was getting to then of this year before I had to use almost of the buckle .

I couldn't have used a 26 shell. When they put me in a 26.5 my two small toes were crushed on the side & my two bigger toes were squashed in front. I know there is break in time but my small toes were numb in ten minutes and landing any kind of jump was crushing my big toe so bad my toe nail had turned purple.
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And ( humbly ) I forgot to mention , it is the top two buckles that I am using all of, the bottom two are snug with room to tighten more.
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footbed will not help with the upper cuff volume,   can you move the buckles over more?  (might have more holes in the shell)

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I don't see any holes in the shell for me to move them.  Looks like each buckle is sort of secured by two, not sure, some type of rivet I would guess.



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It is very common in your situation to move the ladder portion (not the mail buckle) as to tighten the upper cuff. Most boots allow this with extra holes. Take it to any ski shop and it should be a simple fix even if they have to re-rivet the ladder.

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     You don't move the buckle---instead move the ladder (the part the buckle bail hooks into)----look on the inside of the ladder strap, you will see a marked hole position to which you can move the ladder.  You will need a 5/16th bit to drill out and remount the ladder further around the strap.  


     The ankle position is the most important buckle on the boot---it can hold your foot back in the shell.  Good luck



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AH-HA. Ok now I see..icon14.gif..  So I looked into the inside of the shell and I see another small hole, but this is to make it bigger, but the here is another indentation with a small dimple in the middle on the other side ( to make it tighter ) .  So, I see that there are a total of 3 indentations (currently it's the center) one has the hole already drilled and the other just has the dimple.  The ladders are screwed in  with just one phillips screw and threads into a backer plate/ strongback which is just a small piece or metal that keeps it true.

So it looks like I could just unscrew the the phillips and drill an identical size hole in the dimple and simply slide it back and bolt up....  Do you guys use a thread locker?


Much apprectiation for all the help



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use some med loc tight (thread loc) if you have some,  if not it will be fine too.

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