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Jackson Hole March Madness 3-23-2011

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Just a little report on how bad the March skiing has been here at Jackson Hole.  As we have all learned from the internet, you would never want to schedule a ski trip to Jackson in March because the snow is so unreliable. rolleyes.gif


The madness actually started the day before, on Tuesday the 22nd.  


Tuesday's early morning snow report said 6" of new with a forecast of increasing snowfall through the day.  Tuesday was outstanding skiing but the visibility was, how shall we say, ummm, LIMITED.  Windspeed apparently reached 70mph during the day and at one point it was snowing 3 inches per hour.  The skiing was better at the end of the day than at the start, and the snow was still falling.


I woke at one point in the middle of the night and the clouds had disappeared and all the woods around our house was lit up by the moon.  That meant sunshine and new snow for Wednesday.


On Wednesday morning, I called for the snow report, expecting to hear something like ten or twelve inches of new snow.  When the report said TWENTY-THREE INCHES, I was just amazed.  That's one hell of a lot of snow in a 24-hour period for Jackson Hole.  It also pushed our total snowfall for the season to over 500".




Here's what the mountain looked like as I pulled in to Teton Village at 8:00am Wednesday morning:




Needless to say, sunshine and almost two feet of new snow (and close to four feet in the last week) brought out just about every powder prospector in the valley.  Here's the line for the tram an hour before the lifts opened.  The line extends off the tram dock and down the hill to the left, curling around the building you can just make out next to the "SLOW" sign, and then extending back up to the Bridger Center:




Looking up at Grand Woods (Grand run is on the right) from the Sublette chair at 9:15am.  Can you guess which of those tracks is mine?




Random unknown tele skier in Alta 1.5 chute.  Photo taken from the Sublette chair:




Just a bunch of shots of friends having a great time in the new snow:






My wife, Ruthie:






Three successive frames from the camera:

























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Oh... by the way.


It's snowing again with quite a bit more predicted by the day after tomorrow.

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Those shots raise the question: Why in the world would anyone want to ski On Top of this snow with super fat rockered plane-pontoon skis?

Wouldn't doing so make skiing this more like skiing any old Groomer?

( Of course, if that was really flat terrain, I might sing another tune... )

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Unbelievable. In all of my trips to Jackson, I've never had new snow. This season has been off the chart for you guys -- hopefully, next is as well.

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Delightful. Hope that my brother Fireball is getting to share some of the goods with you. Pretty fair timing for his annual journey this time around.

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Kawo and Fireball have been too busy to grace us with a post..... I have swapped a few e-mails, they are in Deep!  And I was supposed to be there this week with them..... ughhhhhhhh

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jealous does not even begin to explain my feelings

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Kawo and Fireball have been too busy to grace us with a post....


And I was supposed to be there this week with them..... ughhhhhhhh

The two of them urged me to call and harass you.  I didn't want to torture you.


But...  The snow is excellent.  The light, then creamy pow was just great.  Christy, the little girls and I hiked the Headwall to find entire lines of untracked crispy pow.  Tuesday was great too!  The outstanding snow comes after a great season.  So much pow, so few off trail skiers.  Pow was everywhere all day. 


Yesterday, Kawo, Fireball and I hiked the Headwall to find marginal conditions.  Yet there were still a few good turns to be had.  They hiked again after lunch.



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Nice guys!  Glad you are getting it. As it turns out, I would have had to fly home due to a death in my biz partners family. So that makes it seem better..... Always another day, another line another storm icon14.gif

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            gotta love spring!

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Looks like Mother Nature saved the best for last.  Of course it's gonna snow like crazy for weeks after closing day.

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