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Ski Logic review

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Hello fellow skiers - I see no one has reviewed ski logic yet so here goes.

I was wanting a new pair of boards and I belong to the site "Real Skiers" that does independent testing and reviews of skis. One ski in particular - "Ullr's Chariot" by Ski Logic - was getting rave reviews and won their "ski of the year" category.  I liked the idea of a ski that could do just as well on the frontside as in two feet of fresh powder, as was the claim for the Chariot.  I went to a local distributor of Ski Logic in Truckee and the salesman did a very convincing job of selling me a pair of Ski Logic skis.  But, I didn't buy the Ullr's Chariot as I had intended but opted rather for the Howitzer which is a bit wider in the waist (110mm vs. 101mm) than the Chariot.  The salesman said he had skied both skis and the Howitzer was by far his favorite as he is an everyday skier at Squaw Valley USA.  We both prefer to ski the steep and deep (when available) and this was the ski that could do it all.  So, after ten days on the Howitzer I must admit I never thought I would be skiing such a wide ski and loving it - even on the groomed hardpack.  Luckily, we have had a super year for constant snow storms and I've been able to ski the Howitzer on mostly powder days.  This is by far the best ski I've ever had and I'm even considering getting another pair from Ski Logic - the Howitzer's fatter sister, the Bomb Squad.  Once you ski this ski you'll never ski anything else.

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There are a few reviews of Ski Logik, however...

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Hello fellow skiers - I see no one has reviewed ski logic yet so here goes.

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I have a pair of the Chariots and as far as I can tell they live up to the Real Skiers review. Awesome in powder and crud and still turn like a GS ski on hard pack. Installed Marker Griffon bindings.

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